Happy Memorial Day!

Today is a day of remembrance. This Memorial Day, honor our United States Armed Forces and the men and women that have made the ultimate sacrifice serving our country by raising your flag with family and friends.

Photo By: Dave Hosford

Photo By: Dave Hosford

Whether you are attending a Memorial Day event or getting together with your loved ones for an afternoon of fun, wear your American spirit proudly and give thanks in all kinds of action packed ways! How are you racing to mark Memorial Day this year?



Pledge to a New Type of Challenge for the New Year!

We are well into the new year, but 2014 is just beginning! How are you starting off this exciting time of year? Many of us are well aware that the month of January marks the time when we start thinking about new goals to accomplish for the long year ahead. Simply trying something new that you have never done can be a great way to celebrate 2014. Here are some ways you can pledge to challenge yourself in new ways this year:

Photo by Ryan Fung

Photo by Ryan Fung

Get moving and learn a new sport – Do you want to put in the time to learn the basics of a sport you have never played? Or maybe you just want to improve on your swing, either way, make it a goal this year to run faster, hit harder, or throw further. You will realize that everything is possible with practice.

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Wrench’s Facts: Get Inspired to take the Top Spot!

Around Eat My Dust we have our leaderboards, which track not only team standing but also the achievements of individual racers. Have you or any of your racing buddies ever made it to the top spot? Taking an EMD record takes a combination of skill and mechanics. Upgrade your custom cool racing machine and learn a little more about some of the real world racers you might want to emulate behind the wheel.


To help inspire you to be the first across the finish line in your next race, Wrench has compiled a list of a few NASCAR Hall of Fame inductees. Since its inaugural ceremony in 2010, here’s a quick list of drivers to follow on the track.

– 2010 –
Bill France, Sr., Richard Petty, Bill France, Jr., Dale Earnhardt, & Junior Johnson

– 2011-
David Pearson, Bobby Allison, Lee Petty, Ned Jarrett, & Bud Moore

– 2012 –
Cale Yarborough, Darrell Waltrip, Dale Inman, Richie Evans, & Glen Wood

– 2013 –
Buck Baker, Cotton Owens, Herb Thomas, Rusty Wallace, & Leonard Wood

Check it out and let us know about some of your favorite racers!

1 Day until School of Dragons

Think racing with cars is cool? What about riding a fire-breathing dragon that flies at sonic speed? This incredible opportunity is yours at School of Dragons, which is about to open its doors to new Viking students in two days. From the creators of JumpStart and Eat My Dust comes a world where you can explore the Isle of Berk, use the scientific method to complete quests, and train your very own dragon companion.

chrome 2013-07-12 15-23-02-71

Join us as we enter final hours before School of Dragons opens its doors by pre-registering for the game and following the official School of Dragons countdown, today!

2 Days until School Of Dragons!

Both Dragons and Scorpions will agree that the arrival of the new School of Dragons virtual world game is something to be excited about. Soon players from all over the world will be given access to an all new and never before seen online game based off of DreamWorks Animation’s hit film, How to Train Your Dragon!

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From the creators of JumpStart and Eat My Dust comes a world of learning where knowledge is the key to becoming a top notch dragon trainer. In just 2 days, you can begin your journey by jumping atop the back of a larger than life winged creature. To take on this epic challenge, simply registered at SchoolOfDragons.com! Are you ready to join Hiccup, toothless and our new cast of characters as they break ground on this new world of adventure?

A Whole New World, a Brand New Challenge

It’s time to take your finely tuned racing skills and test them in the air! For an exclusive sneak preview of JumpStart’s upcoming game, School of Dragons, check out the FunZone in JumpStart (http://www.jumpstart.com) and begin to experience a small part of this scientific world, full of exploration and discovery. At the FunZone, you can play School of Dragons’ Fireball Frenzy and earn a high score to brag about to your friends. This exciting game will challenge your ability to control your dragon and give you the thrill of riding on a dragon’s back!


In School of Dragons, players will not only be able to own and raise a Dragon but they will also be able to engage in a variety of exciting tasks. If the FunZone sneak preview leaves you wanting more, head over to the JumpStart3D YouTube channel (http://www.youtube.com/user/JumpStart3D) and watch the School of Dragons Official Trailer. Be sure to visit the website at http://www.schoolofdragons.com/ so that you can learn more about this upcoming game and sign up for the Beta to experience School of Dragons for yourself in the June!

EMD Challenge: Guess the Picture Day 3

Hey Racers! Today is the third day of the Guess the Picture challenge. Wrench had been sending over clues to us, trying to make things easier, but we still have no idea what this picture is of! Have you been able to piece together any of the clues?


This is your last chance to help us figure out the image, so do not delay and submit your answer in the comments today!

Just a reminder, the first five correct answers will win a prize of 200 coins. Just imagine the car customizations that you could buy with that kind of prize money!

Good luck, Racers!



Race on over to JumpStart, today!

Attention racers! We just heard some  big news direct from our friends over at JumpStart. They have just recently expanded their world to include the all new Madagascar themed area of JumpStart, New York!  Join them, today as they welcome Alex, Marty, Melman, and Gloria back to the Big Apple and see what this bustling city has to offer!

MainStreet NY Portal

In addition to all of the holiday festivities,  you have the chance to drive through the busy streets of the city and through Central Park, the boardwalk of Coney Island or even Times Square. Whether you  are looking to ride around with the Zoosters in the new bumper cars or skate a few rounds in the outdoor rink, there are so many new adventure to be had in JumpStart!

Central Park View

Take a trip to visit JumpStart, New York today  to let us know what you think of all the great new games like Rico’s Sushi Chop, the Bumper Car Buggies, the Air Penguin Glider or the Madagascar holiday hunt!

Madagascar has Arrived at JumpStart!

Have you heard the big news from our friends over at JumpStart?  DreamWorks’ Madagascar has arrived with a new FunZone!  Alex, Marty, and friends are very excited to be there and have introduced some new features for JumpStart players to enjoy. 

Visit the cool FunZone spots where you can meet Madagascar characters and visit some of your favorite locations from the movie!  Hang out with Alex, Marty, Melman, and Gloria in the Central Park Zoo and learn some interesting facts about animals.  Sneak around in the Penguins’ Headquarters and use the Transmorpher to turn unsuspecting tourists into animals.  You can even take a trip to Venice, Italy where you can see famous Italian architecture and ride a gondola.

JumpStart also has brand new Madagascar-themed games for everyone to enjoy.  If you are in the mood for testing your detective skills, try finding Mort in a game of Hide n’ Seek or search for scattered pieces of Kowalski’s invention to set off fireworks.  For those in a mischievous mood, photo bomb unsuspecting tourists’ pictures to leave your mark in their memory books.

Head over to JumpStart to experience Madagascar for yourself!  Get to know your favorite characters and play alongside them as you experience wild adventures in the exciting world of JumpStart.

Let Wrench Point You in the Right Direction!

Are you looking to increase your Street Cred and earn your driver some EMD coins? Then, let Wrench point you in the right direction. When it comes to the Junkyard and all things Eat My Dust related, he’s your guy!

Check out Wrench’s Mission Board!

Like most dogs, this junkyard companion is loyal, tough and ready for adventure. Spending all his time around the Combat Zone, Wrench knows a thing or two about the Racing Circuit tracks and most of all, he knows about building first place cars. His helpful tips will get you on your way to that custom cool racing machine of your dreams! As you accomplish each of his missions, he’ll check it off your list to keep you on track.

Believe us when we say, “Under his wing you’ll be an expert driver in no time!”