Play Capture the Flag to Celebrate Flag Day!

Did you know that June 14th is Flag Day? Flag Day celebrates the adoption of the United States flag by the Second Continental Congress in 1977. The week of the 14th is called Flag Week and it’s common for people to celebrate with a barbecue or other patriotic celebrations. However, in EMD we like to celebrate a different way- by playing Capture the Flag! Be sure to gather your friends and head on over to the Badlands to get started!


Strategy is key to winning a game of Capture the Flag, or CTF as we call it. Being able to work together as a team plays a large part in developing your team’s strategy and changing it as the game progresses. Without proper communication, it is easy for a team to have too many players attempting to capture the other team’s flag and thus exposing their own. On the other hand though, if no one from your team pushes forward to capture the flag, then it is impossible for your team to win.


Sometimes during a game of CTF, your team will need to change your strategy. This often happens as the time limit approaches or one team secures a substantial lead. Changing your teams strategy might be as simple as just sending more players forward or as complicated as executing a ‘feigned’ retreat to draw the other team away from their flag. Regardless of what your strategy is or how it changes throughout a game of CTF, communication and cooperation are keys to CTF.

Armed with this new knowledge and these helpful tips, be sure to assemble your friends head on out to the Badlands during Flag Week to earn some coins playing CTF.

Capture the Flag… and the Glory!

Leaving rival drivers in your dust race after race can grow tiresome and may have you hungering for a different type of thrill.  Take a break from the speedway, assemble a team of the most rugged drivers around, and head over to the Badlands for some classic Capture the Flag action with an Eat My Dust twist.

ctf 1


Two teams, the white team and the blue team, have their own respective bases on opposite sides of the map, ready to face off.  Each base houses a flag that must be protected from opponents trying to take it to their own base.  Players have five minutes to protect their team’s flag and steal the opposing team’s flag as many times as possible.  Whichever team scores the most points once the clock reaches zero wins.

ctf 2


However, this would not be an Eat My Dust-caliber game if some chaos were not thrown into the mix.  Just as drivers can fire weapons during races, the same holds true for Capture the Flag as drivers can shoot others to prevent them from returning a flag to base.  Knock your enemies senseless as they attempt to return your team’s flag to their base but watch your own back since they will be returning the favor if you try to take off with theirs.

ctf 3


Prove to your fellow drivers that you are not solely an individual force to be reckoned with but you can rally a dominating team as well.  There is no better time than this upcoming Friday to showcase your skills as it is Capture the Flag Day in Eat My Dust.  Assemble your team and prepare to face off against some of the nastiest opponents you will ever face.  With a team backing you, the stakes are much higher than any race you will finish as the difference between victory and defeat relies upon your team’s ability to work together to overthrow your opponents.  The competition is ready to slug it out, are you?

Get Ready to Capture the Flag!

Your team will always have your back in Eat My Dust, but from time to time you’ll have to strike out on your own to climb up the ranks! And soon you’ll be able to see if you have what it takes to put aside your differences with those rival racers and play a round of Capture the Flag.

When the game arrives, you and your friends will be split up on two teams. To keep things interesting, these teams will be picked at random so dragons could end up working alongside scorpions and scorpions with dragons. Now, for some of you, the biggest challenge might just be getting along, but in this game you’ve got to be able to do anything to capture that flag!

When the wheels start rolling, each of the teams will have a home base where their flag is flown. And the end goal is simple, find the other team’s flag and return it to your base. You’ll even have a few opportunities to pick up some extra ammo as the battle rages on, so keep an eye out for some sweet pick ups!

Before all is said and done, you’ll need to fight against the odds to win top honors. After all, there’s always a chance for the flag to be stolen or dropped before you make back to your side of the arena. To end the game with a win, your team will need to keep procession for at least a minute! Think you’re up for the challenge? Then head over to Eat My Dust later this week to play Capture the Flag! In the end, you might have something to brag about.