Happy Mother’s Day

Eat My Dust would like to wish all mothers a very Happy Mother’s Day! How are you celebrating mom this year? Your mother does so many things for you all year long, it is only right that you return the favor. Spend this Mother’s Day showing your love to all the mothers in your life. There are many different ways you can celebrate Mother’s Day but the most important thing to do is to make sure your mom feels loved and appreciated for everything she does.


Racing to Cinco de Mayo!

Photo via handimania.com

Photo via handimania.com


Are you ready for your Cinco de Mayo Celebration? There are many different activities you can do to help you prepare with your friends and family, but let’s start by racing there! You can create your very own Cinco de Mayo themed race car with your friends and family.

The first step in racing towards Cinco de Mayo is getting your tools ready for your race car.


All you need to get started is:
1. Toilet paper roll(s)
2. Cardboard
3. Scissors
4. Hole-Punch
5. Paint or markers to decorate your car.
6. Thumbtacks
7. (Optional: bottle caps, tooth picks and straws)

Now let’s start putting your race car together!
Step 1: Use your scissors to cut a square in the middle of one side of the tube. This will be your driver’s seat.
Step 2: Use the hole-punch to make holes where your tires will be located on the tube.
Step 3: Decorate your tube with your favorite Cinco de Mayo colors to get ready for the big day.colors
-If you want to get really creative, try drawing something like a guitar or sombrero on your car to make it more festive!
Step 4: Use the cardboard to draw and cut out the wheels for your racecar. Then use the thumb tacks to attach the wheels to the tube.
Option 2: You can also use bottle caps as wheels for your racecar and use straws and/or toothpicks to attach the caps to your wheels.
Step 5: Finish any last minor details on your race car, double check that the wheels are in place and it is ready to go!

Making your own Cinco de Mayo Themed Race Car is just one of the many activities you can take part in on this Cinco de Mayo. The best part is that it can be made with items found in your house. No trip to the store needed! Get your friends together this Cinco de Mayo and together see who can get the most creative when making your own Cinco de Mayo Themed Race Car!

EMD Challenge: International Friends Day!

Are you ready to put the pedal to the metal in your custom cool racing machine? Then get ready because we have an Eat My Dust challenge for you to take on! In honor of International Friend’s Day, we are inviting both Dragons and Scorpions to hit the tracks in a face paced race to the finish line. Think you have what it takes to show your friends how you’ve master maneuvering through our most challenging tracks?


Join with your fellow Eat My Dust racers from around the world to not only celebrate friendship and make new racing pals but to also see who has what it takes to take the top spot! When it comes to mastering the tracks, a little friendly competition and practice on the tracks can be just what you need to be the legendary racer that you’ve always wanted to be.

There’s no better day than today to show of your driving skills, so start connecting with your fellow racers from around the globe! Do you have what it takes to call yourself one of Eat My Dusts’ elite international racers?

Play Capture the Flag to Celebrate Flag Day!

Did you know that June 14th is Flag Day? Flag Day celebrates the adoption of the United States flag by the Second Continental Congress in 1977. The week of the 14th is called Flag Week and it’s common for people to celebrate with a barbecue or other patriotic celebrations. However, in EMD we like to celebrate a different way- by playing Capture the Flag! Be sure to gather your friends and head on over to the Badlands to get started!


Strategy is key to winning a game of Capture the Flag, or CTF as we call it. Being able to work together as a team plays a large part in developing your team’s strategy and changing it as the game progresses. Without proper communication, it is easy for a team to have too many players attempting to capture the other team’s flag and thus exposing their own. On the other hand though, if no one from your team pushes forward to capture the flag, then it is impossible for your team to win.


Sometimes during a game of CTF, your team will need to change your strategy. This often happens as the time limit approaches or one team secures a substantial lead. Changing your teams strategy might be as simple as just sending more players forward or as complicated as executing a ‘feigned’ retreat to draw the other team away from their flag. Regardless of what your strategy is or how it changes throughout a game of CTF, communication and cooperation are keys to CTF.

Armed with this new knowledge and these helpful tips, be sure to assemble your friends head on out to the Badlands during Flag Week to earn some coins playing CTF.

Happy President’s Day!

Today is President’s Day, a special holiday in the United States that is dedicated to celebrating the nation’s first president, George Washington! This federal holiday has been recognized since 1879, and it is the first federal holiday to commemorate and honor an American citizen. Originally, this holiday was meant to be celebrated on George Washington’s actual birthday, on February 22. However, in 1971, this holiday was moved to be celebrated on the third Monday of every February.

Many of you racers might have this President’s Day free. With no school or work to do, how do you plan on spending this holiday? Why not log-in to Eat My Dust and battle some of your fellow racers. See who can get the best scores, defeat the most zombies, and drive their car the fastest! Let us know about your favorite activities in Eat My Dust, and tell us about your highest scores!

Happy Valentine’s Day, Racers!

It’s finally that time of year when loved ones spend abundantly on chocolates and fancy dinners. However, not all Valentine’s Days have to be celebrated the same every year. Why not try something new? Spend time with the friends and family you love and cherish the most.


There are plenty of other activities that call for quality time. Go out and do something fun and physical. This will be a great way to make Valentine’s Day memorable and fit for everyone. If you’re taking a break from the Eat My Dust Tracks, today, here are some outdoor activities to help you activate your day.

  • Ice Skating: Skating is a great way to tone your legs and overall figure. This is a great activity to do with a group of friends. Go and enjoy some time skating around your local ice rink. You can also rally up a small game of ice hockey while you’re at it. Remember to pack those gloves and jackets to keep warm.
  • Skate Boarding: Skate boarding can be a great recreational activity you can partake in at any local skate park. If you’re skilled enough, go for a ride! Always remember to take your helmet and knee pads to prevent any sort of injury.
  • Surfing: If the weather permits go out to the beach and catch a wave. The number one thing to keep in mind is to put on sunscreen before going out. Make sure to watch out for those UV rays. If your other friends are not into surfing, then have them simply enjoy the view of the beach and sunbath.
  • Bicycling: Bicycling can be a great way to go around the neighborhood and a local beach. Why not take the time to exercise for fun and enjoy other peoples company. Bike around and stop by any local food store to keep energized while you’re at it.

These are just a few outdoor activities that you and your friends can enjoy. If you have not started planning anything special, then take note on some of these activities and share them with your friends and family. Let us know how you will be spending your Valentine’s Day today. If you have any other outdoor activities you want to share, leave us a comment! We would love to hear about what interests you when you’re not behind the wheel of one of our racing machines.

Merry Christmas, Racers!

How are you celebrating this joyous day? Let us know all about your favorite holiday traditions. Whether you’ve been busy unwrapping gifts or eating sweet treats, we hope that you get the chance to spend some of the day enjoying the company of your family and friends. After all, there is no better time than now to celebrate the season with the ones you love most.


And, if you have some time to spare during all your family festivities, don’t forget to stop by Eat My Dust to wish your team or rival racing pals the happiest of holidays! In honor of this special day , you might even want to challenge your pals to a few rounds on the track.

Happy Thanksgiving, Racers!

What are you and your fellow drivers most thankful for this time of year? Whether it’s a new ammo pack or a cool car customization, why don’t you and your pals celebrate this day with a few races around Eat My Dust?

Help us keep EMD safe, this Thanksgiving!

After you fill up on all of your turkey day eats, get ready to take to the combat zone or even one of our terrifying tracks. After all, those pesky zombies won’t be taking the day off, so while everyone else if off celebrating we might need some extra help keeping them on the other side of the gates. Simply login to the game and help us make sure everyone in Eat My Dust has a happy and safe holiday!

On a day like today you and your rival racers might even want to start a little tradition of your own by competing for top honors on our leaderboards. But before you begin that battle, don’t forget to let us know what you have to say about the game. Because, today, we’re most thankful for our fans and all of their feedback and support!