Halloween is Finally Here!

Halloween has finally arrived with all of its frightening festivities!  With all the hype that has revved up around the holiday, there are so many ways to celebrate.  Don your cool costume and collect enough candy to last for weeks.  Get together with friends to play fun Halloween-themed games, carve pumpkins, or watch scary movies.  What are you dressing up as for Halloween?  Do your family and friends have any favorite traditions or activities for the holiday?  We want to know how you are celebrating tonight!  Let us know by leaving a comment about your Halloween fun.

Prehistoric Raceways

Burn your legacy into history by dominating the three Dino Crystal Caves tracks.  Each raceway provides unique, prehistoric challenges that are as intimidating as the dinosaurs themselves.  Bring about the extinction of your competition by taming these vicious race tracks.

The Big Chomper lives up to its name as drivers must launch themselves through a series of gargantuan jumps.  Time your jumps carefully while sabotaging rivals to send them falling into the earth’s core.

Dig City provides you with a number of paths to navigate, but be careful not to get lost in this labyrinth of tunnels as you attempt to leave your opponents in the dust.  Utilize the various passages to sneak up on other drivers, wreak some havoc, and steal the lead.

Crystal Cave Loop tests your handling abilities as you weave through sharp turns high above the ground and drive through dark tunnels.  Keep an eye out for a shortcut or two that will give you the upper hand on the competition as they struggle to round the tricky roads.

Dino Crystal Caves is a menacing challenge that embodies the ferocity of the dinosaurs.  These tracks unleash savage chaos upon drivers bold enough to traverse them but glory and rewards await those who are able to master them.

Speeding into the Halloween Spirit

Halloween is racing around the corner so how are you planning on celebrating this spooky holiday?  Does your family have a favorite tradition that happens every year or does a fun activity with friends come to mind?  Here are some suggestions to make sure you are up-to-speed with the haunted festivities:

Terrifying Treats: Try your hand in the kitchen by concocting some gruesome eats.  Create foods that resemble brains, eyeballs, or creepy crawlers using tasty ingredients like cupcakes, pretzels, and candy.  Your culinary creations may look scary but everyone will be shocked by how delicious they are.

Ghastly Games: Invite your friends over for a night filled with fright and fun.  Halloween spinoffs of classic party games like “Pin the Nose on the Jack-O-Lantern” is fun for participants of all ages.  The adventurous types may enjoy scavenger hunts that send a group of friends on a mission to collect haunted items or solve a spooky mystery.

Creepy Classics: Like the saying goes, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”  Sometimes the most enjoyable activities are the ones people have done for years.  Take some of your favorite traditions like carving pumpkins or hosting a monster movie marathon and invite your friends and family!  While the activities may be the same, the experience will be unforgettable as you spend it with great company.

Whether you enjoy certain Halloween traditions every year or like to experiment with different activities, we want to hear how you will be celebrating the holiday this year!  Be creative, be safe, and have a blast with all the exciting options Halloween offers since it will be speeding away before you know it.

Freezer Burn

Staying cool when burning rubber can be a difficult undertaking but not when you can race through the bone-chilling Snowy Peak tracks.  Check out these three thrilling raceways for a new definition of “freezer burn”:

Ice Mountain


The Ice Mountain track is loaded with ramps and jumps.  Build up speed and time your jumps carefully or you may find yourself falling to the bottom of the rankings.  Speed boosts are located throughout the track to give you the burst you need to outrun and out-jump the competition.

Snowy Cliffs


Sometimes the best way to gain separation from your rivals is to lose them in a snow storm… or in the case of Snowy Cliffs, among the flurry of obstacles located throughout the track.  Combine speed and finesse to weave through perilous traps while your opponents get blindsided by Snowy Cliffs’ dangerous surprises.

Inuit Raceway


The perfect combination of speed, jumps, and obstacles, Inuit Raceway tests even the most seasoned drivers.  Put your reflexes to the test as you traverse this icy track riddled with various jumps, traps, and slippery roads.

Snowy Peak’s tracks provide unique challenges that leave rookie drivers in the cold.  Master these rocky roads and you will always feel warm as you burn rubber, leaving the competition in your powdery dust.

Race Over to JumpStart, Today!

DreamWorks’ Madagascar has caused an uproar at JumpStart with its grand arrival on Thursday.  The sights and sounds of excitement filled the world of JumpStart as Jumpeez have been playing nonstop with their favorite Madagascar characters.  For anyone that has not yet experienced the fun, do not panic because Madagascar is here to stay!

 Whether you already explored every inch of the Madagascar FunZone or have yet to set foot inside Central Park Zoo, there are surprises and engaging activities available for everyone.  Talk to different zoo animals and learn interesting facts about your new friends.  You may be surprised by some of your findings!  Team up with the Penguins and create mischief by completing covert missions and utilizing the Transmorpher to turn unsuspecting tourists into zoo animals.  If you are in the mood for a scenic experience, travel to Venice and take in the beautiful sights of this famous city while you learn about Italian culture and history.

Head over to JumpStart and explore a world teeming with adventure.  Once you get a chance to hang out with new friends like Alex or the Penguins, see the beautiful sights, and play some  entertaining games, you will understand what the commotion is all about!

Madagascar has Arrived at JumpStart!

Have you heard the big news from our friends over at JumpStart?  DreamWorks’ Madagascar has arrived with a new FunZone!  Alex, Marty, and friends are very excited to be there and have introduced some new features for JumpStart players to enjoy. 

Visit the cool FunZone spots where you can meet Madagascar characters and visit some of your favorite locations from the movie!  Hang out with Alex, Marty, Melman, and Gloria in the Central Park Zoo and learn some interesting facts about animals.  Sneak around in the Penguins’ Headquarters and use the Transmorpher to turn unsuspecting tourists into animals.  You can even take a trip to Venice, Italy where you can see famous Italian architecture and ride a gondola.

JumpStart also has brand new Madagascar-themed games for everyone to enjoy.  If you are in the mood for testing your detective skills, try finding Mort in a game of Hide n’ Seek or search for scattered pieces of Kowalski’s invention to set off fireworks.  For those in a mischievous mood, photo bomb unsuspecting tourists’ pictures to leave your mark in their memory books.

Head over to JumpStart to experience Madagascar for yourself!  Get to know your favorite characters and play alongside them as you experience wild adventures in the exciting world of JumpStart.

Grab Your Daily Bonus

Gaining the upper hand against enemy Dragons or Scorpions while fending off hordes of zombies is no small task.  Even the most skilled driver must possess instinct, cunning, and dedication to maintain a sizable lead over any competition that seeks to overthrow him or her as the undisputed ruler of the road.  Luckily, Eat My Dust® is here to help you continue your reign of domination by awarding you with daily bonuses every day that you play.

Each successive day that you log in will bring in a better reward, and once you reach five days in a row, you will be able to claim new parts for your car!  Collect these bonus parts to beef up your ride into a rival-burning, zombie-destroying machine.  The world of Eat My Dust® is a chaotic, heated battleground so take advantage of every opportunity to gain the edge over your opponents.