Dragons vs. Scorpions: Who is the Top Team?

Legend has it that the Dragons and Scorpions have long been mortal enemies, sworn to battle each other above all else. Which side of this conflict are you on? Remember, when you first signed up, you were able to choose which team to align yourself with.


How is your team doing now?


It looks like the Dragon team is dominating the scoreboard, ruling the Eat My Dust world. With such a swift and powerful team, it is no wonder that they have earned so many points!

However, you can never count out the Scorpion team, with their sly and cunning ways, they could easily overtake the Dragons for the lead before the Dragons even know it! So whether you are a devoted member of the Dragons or a loyal member of the Scorpions, be sure to keep playing Eat My Dust to earn more points for your team.

What about individual accomplishments?

Here are the top Racers as of this morning!

Happy President’s Day!

Today is President’s Day, a special holiday in the United States that is dedicated to celebrating the nation’s first president, George Washington! This federal holiday has been recognized since 1879, and it is the first federal holiday to commemorate and honor an American citizen. Originally, this holiday was meant to be celebrated on George Washington’s actual birthday, on February 22. However, in 1971, this holiday was moved to be celebrated on the third Monday of every February.

Many of you racers might have this President’s Day free. With no school or work to do, how do you plan on spending this holiday? Why not log-in to Eat My Dust and battle some of your fellow racers. See who can get the best scores, defeat the most zombies, and drive their car the fastest! Let us know about your favorite activities in Eat My Dust, and tell us about your highest scores!

Happy Valentine’s Day, Racers!

It’s finally that time of year when loved ones spend abundantly on chocolates and fancy dinners. However, not all Valentine’s Days have to be celebrated the same every year. Why not try something new? Spend time with the friends and family you love and cherish the most.


There are plenty of other activities that call for quality time. Go out and do something fun and physical. This will be a great way to make Valentine’s Day memorable and fit for everyone. If you’re taking a break from the Eat My Dust Tracks, today, here are some outdoor activities to help you activate your day.

  • Ice Skating: Skating is a great way to tone your legs and overall figure. This is a great activity to do with a group of friends. Go and enjoy some time skating around your local ice rink. You can also rally up a small game of ice hockey while you’re at it. Remember to pack those gloves and jackets to keep warm.
  • Skate Boarding: Skate boarding can be a great recreational activity you can partake in at any local skate park. If you’re skilled enough, go for a ride! Always remember to take your helmet and knee pads to prevent any sort of injury.
  • Surfing: If the weather permits go out to the beach and catch a wave. The number one thing to keep in mind is to put on sunscreen before going out. Make sure to watch out for those UV rays. If your other friends are not into surfing, then have them simply enjoy the view of the beach and sunbath.
  • Bicycling: Bicycling can be a great way to go around the neighborhood and a local beach. Why not take the time to exercise for fun and enjoy other peoples company. Bike around and stop by any local food store to keep energized while you’re at it.

These are just a few outdoor activities that you and your friends can enjoy. If you have not started planning anything special, then take note on some of these activities and share them with your friends and family. Let us know how you will be spending your Valentine’s Day today. If you have any other outdoor activities you want to share, leave us a comment! We would love to hear about what interests you when you’re not behind the wheel of one of our racing machines.

EMD Challenge: Guess the Picture Day 3

Hey Racers! Today is the third day of the Guess the Picture challenge. Wrench had been sending over clues to us, trying to make things easier, but we still have no idea what this picture is of! Have you been able to piece together any of the clues?


This is your last chance to help us figure out the image, so do not delay and submit your answer in the comments today!

Just a reminder, the first five correct answers will win a prize of 200 coins. Just imagine the car customizations that you could buy with that kind of prize money!

Good luck, Racers!