Tips & Tricks: Get Out of the Car!

In order to keep your driver in tip top shape, you’ve got to be quick on your feet! And sometimes, that means getting in and out of your car without hesitation. Whether you’re facing a horde of zombies or a gang of rowdy racers, do you know what you need to know to rule the roads in Eat My Dust? Remember this quick tip and it just might save your tail around the Combat Zone!

When your driver’s ready to take to the street, you’ve got two easy options. Hit the “E” button on your keyboard to eject yourself from your racing machine or use the mouse to select the eject button on the upper right hand corner of your gaming screen. Shifting into this gear will allow you to move at a different pace and use your car as a shield or obstacle, guarding you from your enemy attackers.

And don’t worry… we wouldn’t leave you empty handed in your time of need! Once you make the switch, you’ll be equipped with one of you car’s fierce firearms. So give it a go and get out of the car. Stretch your legs and let us know what kind of damage you’ve caused in taking to the street!

Aquarium Chase Raceway

There are a number of tracks to master, while rising through the ranks of Eat My Dust. Have you been brave enough to take on a practice run at the Aquarium Chase raceway? This underwater adventure will have you speeding through twisting tunnels as you escape the grips of the aquarium’s resident octopus!

Make a splash in the new underwater track!

Utilizing the latest features in underwater technology, this track is known throughout the Racing Circuit for its futuristic design and tubular turns. So as you and your driver embark on an unimaginable pursuit to the finish line, you won’t have to worry about the harsh conditions of the sub-aquatic floor!

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