Dragons vs. Scorpions: Who is the Top Team?

Legend has it that the Dragons and Scorpions have long been mortal enemies, sworn to battle each other above all else. Which side of this conflict are you on? Remember, when you first signed up, you were able to choose which team to align yourself with.


How is your team doing now?


It looks like the Dragon team is dominating the scoreboard, ruling the Eat My Dust world. With such a swift and powerful team, it is no wonder that they have earned so many points!

However, you can never count out the Scorpion team, with their sly and cunning ways, they could easily overtake the Dragons for the lead before the Dragons even know it! So whether you are a devoted member of the Dragons or a loyal member of the Scorpions, be sure to keep playing Eat My Dust to earn more points for your team.

What about individual accomplishments?


While the Scorpions may not be winning in points, they seem to be doing well on the tracks, recording three of the top five fastest times with one of their members earning the fasted race time overall. Will the Scorpions be able to hold onto their places in the racing leaderboard? Or will the Dragon team overtake them?

Here are the players with the most kills:


What the Dragons lack in speed, they make up for in battle skills. Three of the top five players are on the Dragon team, including the top two. The sneaky Scorpions could easily shoot their way onto the top, however, so both teams need to continue killing off those Zombies!

The Dragons are winning right now, but a push by the Scorpion team could see them with a come-from-behind victory in the races. How has your team been doing? Have you contributed to your team’s point totals? Be sure to keep playing Eat My Dust to help your team beat their bitter rival, and maybe you will earn a place on the Leaderboard!

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