Race for the New Year

Happy New Year drivers! Let 2014 be your year to race to the top and edge out the competition. Invite your friends to join you in the game to rev up some of those in-game resolutions that you’ve been hoping to make around Eat My Dust!


Floor it into the new year by setting new goals for yourself in the game. Go head to head with your rivals and take them out to clear your path to victory on the tracks and around the Combat Zone. There’s no better time than now to boost up your lap time, increase your speed, climb that leader board, and win it all for your team. Let Eat My Dust fuel your need for speed this year and don’t forget to have a blistering good time while you’re at it!

Are You in the Lead?

Have you been racking up major points and driving your way toward victory for your team? Whether you’re a Dragon or Scorpion, making your way onto the Racing Circuit LeaderBoard is a victory like no other. After you kill some zombies and finish trash talking your opponent, head to the races to burn some serious rubber. It is important you vamp up your ride to give you the best chance of defeating your racing foes!


Today’s leader has a serious head start on the rest of the players, so rev your engine and start trying to make your way to the top! You can also check out the Team Scoreboard where the Dragons currently have a big lead on the Scorpions. Don’t let your team fall behind, hop in your ride and start killing some zombies and earning some serious points! No matter which team you’re on, however, making your way onto the LeaderBoard will give you some bragging rights and a chance to show Dragons and Scorpions alike who the real leader is!

Wrench’s Challenge!

Hi Racers! I hope you enjoyed watching this weekend’s Indy 500 as much as I did! The winner, Tony Kanaan, set a record for most consecutive top-five finishes (15) and won over 2 million dollars. In light of this record performance, I challenge you to beat these top times:

Big Chomper:
Amateur: 4:22.00
Rookie: 4:13.00
Pro: 4:01.00
Veteran: 3:45.00
Legend: 3:30.00

Octo Inclie:
Amateur: 4:03.00
Rookie: 3: 50.00
Pro: 3:38.00
Veteran: 3: 25.00
Legend: 3:17.00

Also, try one of the knock out races for an extra challenge. Let me know how you do!
– Wrench

Dragons vs. Scorpions: Who is the Top Team?

Legend has it that the Dragons and Scorpions have long been mortal enemies, sworn to battle each other above all else. Which side of this conflict are you on? Remember, when you first signed up, you were able to choose which team to align yourself with.


How is your team doing now?


It looks like the Dragon team is dominating the scoreboard, ruling the Eat My Dust world. With such a swift and powerful team, it is no wonder that they have earned so many points!

However, you can never count out the Scorpion team, with their sly and cunning ways, they could easily overtake the Dragons for the lead before the Dragons even know it! So whether you are a devoted member of the Dragons or a loyal member of the Scorpions, be sure to keep playing Eat My Dust to earn more points for your team.

What about individual accomplishments?

Here are the top Racers as of this morning!

Race your Way to the Top!

Think you have what it takes to be the ultimate Eat My Dust racer? Put the pedal to the metal and drive on over to your den to check the leaderboards for today’s best times. If you haven’t made the cut, challenge your friends in a few rounds on our tracks to start a race to the top spot. From the Aquarium Raceway to some of our more prehistoric tracks, the roads are open  for you to cruise into a first place finish!


After your next race, select to best times option to see where you fall in the overall standings. For each track, you’ll be able to view the all time-top raceway finishes. This means that to be the Ultimate Racer, you’ll need to hit the practice circuit and mechanic shop to get your custom car ready to take the lead.

Best times

Then, when your car is ready and you feel like you know the tracks well enough, step up and try our ultimate racer challenge. Take the top spot on some of our most unbelievable tracks, and none of your friends will be bale to question your skills behind the wheel. Ready? Set. Go!

Dragons vs. Scorpions: Who Controls the Roads?

We all know the deal — Dragons and Scorpions don’t really get along in the Eat My Dust world.

With that said, whose side are you on? When you first started out on Eat My Dust, you got to choose between the Dragons and the Scorpions and become loyal to one of the teams. How is your team doing now?

The last time we checked, Dragons were dominating with kills:

Dragon Kills — 34,226
Scorpion Kills — 34,055

Looks like the Dragons are the ones ruling the lands these days! With their fierce, powerful team, they seem to be dominating everyone in their path. Do you think their cool lair might have something to do with their victories?

For all of you Dragons out there, how is it like when you’re in the Combat Zone with your teammates? Do you feel like you’re in control of the roads?

It’s obvious that the Scorpions are not that far behind, so the Dragons had better watch out before the Scorpions come in for a quick sting out of nowhere! The Scorpions are definitely a force made up of cunning and strength, so there’s a chance that the Dragons won’t be on top for too long. They even have a lair that makes you shaking in fear in your car before you even drive in!

Do you feel like you have what it takes to put the Dragons or the Scorpions up at the top? Pick your side, today!

Post Today’s Best Times!

1st place finishes and record numbers of Zombie take downs are not the only things you’ve got to brag about in Eat My Dust. Speed past the finish line on one of our tracks and you might just make the cut for the score board displaying Today’s Best Times!

Only the best of the best manage to post their times to this board! So, if you’re one of the lucky few drivers to receive this reward, your name and top time will be seen by players from all over the game To find the EMD scoreboards, all you’ll need to do is cruise on over to your team den or drive past the entrance to the racing circuit.

Want to learn more about the scoreboard?