Freezer Burn

Staying cool when burning rubber can be a difficult undertaking but not when you can race through the bone-chilling Snowy Peak tracks.  Check out these three thrilling raceways for a new definition of “freezer burn”:

Ice Mountain


The Ice Mountain track is loaded with ramps and jumps.  Build up speed and time your jumps carefully or you may find yourself falling to the bottom of the rankings.  Speed boosts are located throughout the track to give you the burst you need to outrun and out-jump the competition.

Snowy Cliffs


Sometimes the best way to gain separation from your rivals is to lose them in a snow storm… or in the case of Snowy Cliffs, among the flurry of obstacles located throughout the track.  Combine speed and finesse to weave through perilous traps while your opponents get blindsided by Snowy Cliffs’ dangerous surprises.

Inuit Raceway


The perfect combination of speed, jumps, and obstacles, Inuit Raceway tests even the most seasoned drivers.  Put your reflexes to the test as you traverse this icy track riddled with various jumps, traps, and slippery roads.

Snowy Peak’s tracks provide unique challenges that leave rookie drivers in the cold.  Master these rocky roads and you will always feel warm as you burn rubber, leaving the competition in your powdery dust.