Diving into the Underwater Tunnels’ Past

In the depths of the ocean lurks an unsuspecting surprise—not the wreckage of a sunken pirate ship or mythical lost city, but a series of raceways.  These tracks are not abandoned, rusted routes, but sleek pathways that utilize futuristic technology.  The underwater tunnels are actually part of a hidden laboratory that conducts experiments on sea creatures.

tunnel1Established decades ago to test the effects of radioactive chemicals on underwater life forms, enormous fish and other ocean life live around the base.  These gigantic creatures can be seen swimming from the laboratory’s translucent tunnels as they peek in to see the commotion during races.  Be careful not to startle them as you pass by as they have been known to cause considerable damage to the racetracks when scared.  As you speed through the tunnels and dodge fire from rival racers, the last thing you need is a monstrous fish trying to destroy the tunnels.

tunnel2As racers make their way deeper into the watery abyss, they will encounter the massive remains of fish that perished from overexposure to radiation.  Incredibly, the skeletons are still lit by glowing radiation.  While the fish may not be a threat, the laboratory becomes more dangerous as winding tunnels and obstacles attempt to prevent intruders from obtaining the scientists’ research.

An unlikely raceway, the underwater tunnels pose an exciting challenge for courageous drivers.  Tight tracks, monstrous creatures, and winding pathways characterize this pressure-packed environment but the most determined drivers will make it out unscathed.  Are you ready to dive into the action?

It’s Time to Clean out Your Garage!

In Eat My Dust, your garage is your in-game home away from home. It is where you and your racing pals can sit back and relax without those pesky zombies making the rounds. So, with spring in full swing, why not get a little spring cleaning done and amp up your garage’s unique look.

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Show off your personal style by adding TVs, pool tables or other gear to your garage. Make it the talk of your team’s den or, better yet, make it the talk of the entire Combat Zone! To customize your garage to the fullest, you will need to purchase Turbo Bucks or continue earning coins on our most challenging tracks.

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Start your spring cleaning and let us know more about your garage’s awesome new look!

Unearthing the History of Dino Crystal Caves

Believe it or not, DinoCrystalCaves was not always the thrilling race track it is today.  Before the tracks and ramps were built, DinoCrystalCaves used to be an excavation site where paleontologists searched for dinosaur fossils.


As they dug deeper for these rare bones, the scientists stumbled upon an unexpected finding—precious gems.  It was not long before news of this site’s unparalleled value spread and the masses began storming the caves hoping to get their hands on precious jewels.  After a frenzied search, the crowds left believing they had claimed all of the crystals the caves had to offer.  Only the paleontologists remained trying to round up the scattered bones.


Resuming their search, the scientists dug deep into the heart of the caves and uncovered secrets not even the public could have imagined.  In the darkest recesses of DinoCrystalCaves lay thousands of shining gems guarded by the fossils of their dinosaur protectors.  Afraid that new rumors of treasure would bring back the greedy populace, the team of scientists abandoned the excavation site, claiming that it was empty and too dangerous to explore.

Years later, the Dragons and Scorpions came across the abandoned site and chose to use it as the location for a race.  With no security or outside presence anywhere to be found, DinoCrystalCaves was the perfect spot for a heated competition between these rival teams.  However, neither group could have ever imagined what challenges and awe-inspiring sights were housed inside the caves.  Head over to DinoCrystalCaves to see for yourself what the scientists hoped to keep an eternal secret.