Need Directions?

Occasionally even the savviest drivers will find themselves lost and in need of directions to get them back on the right path.  If players are finding themselves stuck in a rut and looking for assistance, the question mark in the top-left corner of the screen will help get their engines up and running again.

Clicking the question mark will cause a drop-down menu to appear with a variety of categories ranging from locating certain game features to describing the different racing modes.  Each of these topics address a number of questions players may have while playing.  The categories are divided clearly by issue to help racers locate their questions and answers quickly so they can get back to the action.

Clicking on a question will cause a helpful solution to appear at the bottom of the screen.  These answers will provide step-by-step instructions on how to solve various problems.  Do you find yourself stumped by something not listed in the drop-down menu?  If so, let us know what challenges you are facing and we will do our best to help you so you can get back to burning rubber.

Happy Thanksgiving, Racers!

What are you and your fellow drivers most thankful for this time of year? Whether it’s a new ammo pack or a cool car customization, why don’t you and your pals celebrate this day with a few races around Eat My Dust?

Help us keep EMD safe, this Thanksgiving!

After you fill up on all of your turkey day eats, get ready to take to the combat zone or even one of our terrifying tracks. After all, those pesky zombies won’t be taking the day off, so while everyone else if off celebrating we might need some extra help keeping them on the other side of the gates. Simply login to the game and help us make sure everyone in Eat My Dust has a happy and safe holiday!

On a day like today you and your rival racers might even want to start a little tradition of your own by competing for top honors on our leaderboards. But before you begin that battle, don’t forget to let us know what you have to say about the game. Because, today, we’re most thankful for our fans and all of their feedback and support!

Home-Field Advantage

It never hurts to have the upper hand in a tense race with skilled drivers.  Give yourself an edge over the competition by creating your own track.  Doing so will allow you to challenge other players in competitions set to your own specifications, which are most likely to your advantage.  Begin your planning by heading over to the Racing Circuit and selecting “Create a Race” in the menu.

You will be able to choose the specific details of your race ranging from which track to the number of players you wish to compete against.  Perhaps you are a master of the sandy Egyptian roads or skilled in clinging to the slick paths of the snowy mountaintops.  Dictate your opponents’ style of racing by setting the game as either a Single Race or Knockout.  Open up your race to all Eat My Dust players or limit it to your friends by making it public or private.  Finally, determine how many racers will participate in your competition.  Do you wish to wreak havoc with a horde of drivers or challenge a bitter rival head-to-head?

Once you have created your race launch your race’s lobby to eagerly await brave challengers.  You will be able to scout out your opponents and even send them intimidating messages.  However, as the creator of your raceway your driving will ultimately do the talking.  Create your own races to combine a variety of tracks, race styles, and number of participants for unique and thrilling experiences.  Even as the maker of your own races, the huge number of racing possibilities may keep you on your toes!

Check into Your Car’s Computer

Taking down zombies and burning up the race tracks are achievements to be proud of—keep track of your speeding successes with the car computer located on the right side of your driver’s toolbar. There, you can click on the car icon to view your car stats and recent race results.

Every time you finish in that first place spot, your achievements will appear under Race Placements. Don’t forget the more you play, the more Street Cred you’ll earn to rise through our ranks. You can also check to see how many EMD coins and Turbo Bucks you have to spend!

How many trophies have you unlocked? Click the trophy icon in your car computer to see. Not only will you see the awesome trophies you have unlocked, but you will also be able to track the achievements you have already earned. So go for the gold and try and unlock them all! 

Burning up and dominating those racetracks can be even more exciting if you go to Settings (the Gear Icon) in your car computer and hit “Full Screen.” Fill your whole screen with high speed racing, missile firing, and zombies.

Your car’s computer is the go-to-tool for everything you might need to take over the race tracks and stay on top of our leader boards – so get in your car and activate it now.