Wrench’s Facts: Dusting Opponents

The competition between Dragons and Scorpions is a fierce one that has been brewing for a long time. Racers inside the Eat My Dust world have to choose a side and decide who they will pledge their allegiance to. Once that decision has been made, destroying enemy racers is the name of the game.


When driving around the main area in Eat My Dust, you will often come across enemy racers. In order to collect some much needed coins and show your opponent who’s boss, aim until your crosshair turns red and fire at your weapons to lower their health and eventually blow them away. After you have destroyed an enemy racer, collect the coins that appear from their dissipated car.

Be careful when shooting other racers because they may be on your own team! Look out for the “Friendly Fire” alert to avoid destroying your own teammate. Once you have dusted an enemy racer, keep moving to avoid being locked in on and fired at by other players. Head inside now to start blasting away enemy racers and collect some serious coins to put towards building the ultimate dusting machine!

EMD Challenge: Guess the Picture Day 3

Hey Racers! Today is the third day of the Guess the Picture challenge. Wrench had been sending over clues to us, trying to make things easier, but we still have no idea what this picture is of! Have you been able to piece together any of the clues?


This is your last chance to help us figure out the image, so do not delay and submit your answer in the comments today!

Just a reminder, the first five correct answers will win a prize of 200 coins. Just imagine the car customizations that you could buy with that kind of prize money!

Good luck, Racers!



EMD Challenge: Guess the Picture Day 2

Hey Racers! Today is the second day of the Guess the Picture challenge that Wrench sent over to us. We managed to unscramble the image from Tuesday and put everything in right place. Unfortunately, we still cannot make any sense of it!


Since you know so much about Eat My Dust, we need your help to figure out this mystery image! If you still do not know what it is, do not worry – we are working hard at clearing up the image to help give you extra clues as this week progresses.

As a reminder, do not wait too long, as only the first five correct answers will win the prize of 200 coins! Simply comment on the blog with what you think is the correct answer. Good luck, Racers!

EMD Challenge: Guess the Picture!

Hey Racers! Want to earn more coins? Well, we have a challenge for you! Wrench recently sent us a picture of something in the game that we cannot quite figure out. The picture seems to have gotten distorted and all mixed up during his last race around the tracks.


With your knowledge of the roads around Eat My Dust, do you have what it takes to help us figure out this mystery snapshot? If you’re not sure, do not worry – as the week progresses, we will be piecing together some extra clues to help make this challenge easier to figure out.

But, don’t wait too long – only the first five correct answers that we receive will win the prize of 200 coins! Just comment on the blog with what you think is the correct answer today. Good luck, Racers!

Make Every Hit Count!

Ammo and weapons are not the only things that you can use to take down a zombie in Eat My Dust. Now, you can even use your custom cool car to run them down! So hold back on your shot and hit the gas pedal because with each hit you’ll have the opportunity to cruise your way into some awesome ammo packs!

How do you usually handle a zombie run-in?

By now you and your friends probably know how to handle a zombie run-in. And although, some old habits may be hard to break, this new trick is worth the effort. For the best results, throw your car into reverse and then take the zombies out with a few high speed swipes.

Pick up some sweet rewards for using your car!

Each hit will have their meters running down to red. And before you now it, you’ll have nothing but an ammo pack and a few coins to pick up!  Log in to www.EatMyDust.com to try it out and make every hit count!

Are You Up For A Challenge?

A little friendly competition between friends never hurt, right? Because we’ve just upped the ante in Eat My Dust by adding in a new challenge system! Now, you’ll be able to test the skills of your friends and roadside rivals by seeing if they have what it takes to best your top posted race times or number of Zombie kills.

When you’re ready to settle the score and prove that you’re a worthy opponent, all you need to do is start playing! After completing a round on the track or in the Zombie arena you’ll find the new “challenge” button on the following “Rewards” window. Think one of your buddies have what it takes to take on your score? Hit the button to pull up your full friends list and select their name!

If they’re daring enough to try and best your standing, they can accept your challenge on their “About Me” page. The “Challenge” window in the upper right had corner will let them know your score and how much time they’ve got left to beat it. To keep up your racing reputation, be sure to check this window regularly. Or if you’re ready, try out the new challenge system with your friends today and let us know if you have something to brag about!

Rack Up Some Rewards!

Ready to amp up your ride? Because the more you hit the road, the more rewards you’ll be earning in Eat My Dust. Now, you and your buddies have the chance to win some major prizes and all you need to do is log in and play!

Earn Rewards for playing!

Start your engines on consecutive days and watch as your daily prize values increase from coins to new parts and even a few awesome weapons. Sounds easy, right? That’s because it is! What are you waiting for? Jump behind the wheel and collect your bonus today!

With all there is to customize in Eat My Dust, a few coins can go a long way in winning you races or fighting off zombies. And we’ve even added a Facebook share button to get your buddies talking about your latest EMD winnings. Check it out and let us know how often you’ve been hitting the tracks!


Find yourself short on ammo lately? With danger lurking behind every corner, there are many reasons to keep your car prepared for the worst. From zombie attacks to battles for the hill, and a few relentless  rival racers, there never seems to be a dull moment while cruising around Eat My Dust!

What good is a weapon without any ammo, right?

That’s why we’ve made it even easier to stay locked and loaded at all times. Take a visit to the Mechanic’s shop or Armory to check it out. Ammo is now being sold in packs of 10, 20 and 50! But, if those numbers don’t quite fit your trigger happy shooting style, you’ll still be able to buy them in other multiples by increasing or decreasing the number of packs you’ll be purchasing before hitting the road.

If you’re short on time and ready to jump in on the action, then forget the coins and grab a few turbo bucks to start outfitting your racing machine today!

King of the Hill: The Battle is On!

The battle to be King of the Hill is on! Are you and your team ready to protect the Combat Zone’s newest area? Let your friends know that it’s time to leave the comforts of their den and get ready for some action! The goal of the game is simple: Protect the area from rival racers, at all costs!

Check out our latest challenge!

It’s hard to know what will be coming your way, so load up on ammo and choose your weapons wisely. Not only will you be fighting against the opposing team, but you’ll also be facing some pretty zealous zombies! Do you think you have what it takes?

Want more info on this game?

Invite Your Friends to EatMyDust.com!

Whether its items for your garage, weapons and ammo, or new car parts, there are so many ways to customize your Eat My Dust experience! That’s why we’ve decided to help you edge out the competition, by earning some extra coins. All you’ll need to do is send your friends an e-mail, inviting them to play. So what are you waiting for? Get them in on the action too!

It’s the simplest way to earn coins, so invite your friends to play!

Just enter their email address and your name. Then, send the invite on its way! Before you know it, you and your buddies will be speeding through the tracks and racking up Zombie kills. The only thing you can hope for is that your pal doesn’t end up on the opposing team. But we guess a little friendly competition wouldn’t hurt… right?

Whenever you see this button,
select it to “Invite friends and earn COINS!”

Try it out today and let us know what you’ll be using your extra coins on! You can find the “Invite Friends and earn COINS!” button on the launch page, right when you log-in. But if you miss it on your way into Eat My Dust, the button is conveniently located on the bottom right hand corner of your gaming window and can also be found over in the Armory or Mechanic’s Shop.