Tip of the week: Taking out Zombies

Zombies—they will stop at nothing to knock you off track and slow you down. If it is one thing that our rival teams, the Dragons and the Scorpions can agree on, it is that these undead pests can prove to be somewhat of a nuisance when they invade the racetrack. So whether you are the most skilled Driver or the newest of newbies, these tips will help you deal with those pestering Zombies!


You can eliminate Zombies with powerful attacks, quick attacks, or just by running them over—whatever your style may be.

Powerful attacks have a big blast radius that packs a hefty punch to damage Zombies. Use this attack to break up larger groups of Zombies or to take down bigger Zombie foes. Is there a Zombie mob blocking your way? No problem—you can clear your way through! Just be careful. Since this attack involves less ammo and has a longer reloading time, accuracy is key.

A Quick attack does exactly what its name involves—it quickly fires ammo to keep our enemy Zombies back. This attack may deal less damage on the enemy, but these weapons hold more ammo, so missing a target or two will not cost you. Be sure to keep moving when you attempt to clear out a large horde. Since you will be shelling out less damage, you will want to make a quick escape if you become surrounded.

Finally, you can live life on the edge and wield your vehicle as weapon! Simply push the pedal to the metal and mow down Zombies by running them over. It may take a little longer to power through a group of Zombies, but you will be able to make a quick getaway if you need to and it is simply fun!

Now you are prepared to survive a Zombie attack. Keep up your speed and stay on the move. Get out there and keep that Zombie infestation under control.

Wrench’s Fact: Weapons 101

While you are browsing through your inventory and the armory to search for the perfect killing device to help you destroy zombies and dust your enemies, have you ever wondered what all the specialized weapons actually mean? Here’s a short guide to help you choose the most powerful weapon that is suitable for your needs and expertise.

EMD Weapon Closeup

There are two types of ammos you can purchase: missile and energy. The higher the tier of the weapon, the more damage it can make on the zombies and your opponents. Be sure to let your guns cool down so it doesn’t overheat or overload.

Missile-based Weaponry

These are your heavy duty guns that fire sharp missiles or powerful cannons. These are great choices if you are dealing with opponents of a lower level and weaker zombies. Ammos are much more affordable but the damage is still severe.

Energy-based Weaponry

Highly specialized weapons that run on energy ammos and can instantly turn zombies into dust! This extremely deadly category includes 3 types of energy – flames, lightning, and ice. Harnessing power from natural sources, this weapon can vaporize your enemies and even toughest zombies almost instantly!

Wrench’s Fact: Driver’s Clothing

Once you have geared up your vehicle and equipped it with the deadliest weapon, what more can you do to protect yourself from the zombies’ destructive attacks? One thing that is often overlooked by professional drivers is their clothing. Let us take a look at Wrench’s suggestions!

EMD Drivers

When you choose your driver in Eat My Dust, be sure to pick one that not only has outstanding specs and driving skills, but also have enough external protection to avoid nasty accidents, such as road rashes or burns. A helmet paired with fire proof gloves is your best shot.

Drivers like Rocky and Ninjax are great choices because they have natural properties and highly trained skills that can help you maneuver through obstacles and challenges, even without the physical protection of specialized clothing. However, Wrench highly recommends the Stag, because it not only has exceptional racetrack skills but also an extensive protective gear that improves your agility and lowers your chances of accidents on the road.

EMD The Stag

Head over to the Mechanic Shop today to switch up your driver for better performance and to upgrade your protection! If you have any other awesome suggestions you would like to provide to help your fellow dusters better protect themselves from all the dangers in Eat My Dust’s combat zone, leave us a comment!

Happy Halloween, Racers!

It’s that terrifyingly terrific time of year and the zombies appear to be attacking in full force! How are you planning on celebrating with your friends and rival racers, today? No matter what your plans might be on this frighteningly festive night, be sure to take a few minutes to hit the tracks in Eat My Dust and help us keep those zealous zombies at bay.


On days like today, we need all the help that we can get to keep the Combat Zone and Team Dens safe from those unsightly undead creatures! Help control the population at the gates by playing Zombie Attack on your own or grab your teammates to send a little friendly fire out this Halloween.

Wrench’s Facts: Dragons versus Scorpions

Do you know what are the special characteristics of each Eat My Dust team? Regardless of the team that you have already chosen, it is important to learn about your enemies  so that you can find loopholes that can help you beat the opposing team and win a race or a battle against the zombies.

EMD Teams


The drivers on this team are known for their fierceness and strength. They are courageous and unafraid to go head-to-head with their enemies. They never back out of a race or battle. They are known for their legendary skills and techniques at racing, dusting enemies, and destroying zombies.


These drivers are known for their intellect and the element of surprise. They are cunning and crafty, but extremely loyal to their teammates and the team’s success. This team uses their brains instead of their brawls to get ahead, and they never refuse the chance to sneak up on an enemy and dust them by surprise!

Which team do you think you should belong to? Pick a side and let us know in the comments!

Prepare for Zombie Attack on Halloween!

The undead can become very strong on Halloween night and our usual defenses in Eat My Dust may not be enough to withhold our barriers. Help protect your team’s base by arming your racing machine with the most powerful weapons! Check out the Halloween selection of armories to help you dust as many zombies as you can on this frightfully fun night!

The Armory

Equip your vehicle with some of the deadliest front weapons, such as the Tier 1 Flame Thrower and the Tier 3 Lightning Gun. Be sure to purchase the correct ammo, which is separated into bullets, energy ammos and missiles, and match it with your weapons. Also, get a rear weapon to boost your damaging index and destroy more zombies during a combat.


The zombies may attack any minute on Halloween night. Head over to the Armory located in the Combat Zone to load up your weapons with the appropriate ammos, today, and have a hauntingly exciting time in Eat My Dust!

Wrench’s Fun Fact: Zombie Attack!

Defending your base is your primary duty as a member of the Dragon or Scorpion Team in Eat My Dust. Therefore, the first to remember when you hear the alarm go off is to rush to the nearest gates and help wipe out the zombies that attempt to infiltrate your zone.

Zombie Attack Gate

Entering the gates to face the zombies is essentially a survival combat to see how many zombies you can destroy before your health runs out. Before you go through the gates, be sure to stock up on your weapon ammos to ensure that you are fully prepared to take on a wave of zombies. Also, maneuver your killing machine through the area to avoid the cluster of zombies attacking your vehicle. Collect the coins and extra gunpowder when you killed a zombie and hold off the attack for as long as you can!

Zombies Attack

Are you ready for your next battle against the zombies to bring honor and peace to your team in Eat My Dust? We’d love to hear about your zombie killing strategies. Please leave a comment below!

Wrench’s Facts: Zombies and School

What kind of images do you recall when people mention “zombies”? Is it a slow-motion corpse with deep under-eye circles? Or is it an undead figure that has no control over his or her actions? Whatever it may be, you will need to add science and math into the picture now.

ImageMythical creatures, such as zombies, vampires and werewolves, have a huge presence in pop culture. Educators have found a way to liven up STEM (acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) classes by linking class material to relevant pop culture content. For example, educators can link zombie’s slow-motion and rage to neuroanatomy, which is the study of anatomy and nervous systems.

Incorporating the pop culture into class content can make learning serious science concepts much easier and more fun for students.

Will you want to take a science or math class that links class concepts to your favorite mythical creatures?

Credits: Photo by Kevin Dooley

Wrench’s Facts: Zombie Dusting 101

With so much action surrounding the heated rivalry between the Dragons and Scorpions, it can be surprisingly easy to overlook the fact that the racetracks become littered with zombies every now and then.  For brave, skilled drivers, these zombies are nothing more than a nuisance.  But for novice racers, there are a few tricks that Wrench wants to share with you that are incredibly helpful should you ever find yourself facing off with a horde of zombies.

chrome2013-06-1811-35-50-43_zpsec272babPedal to the Metal
Seeing a horde of zombies approaching can be a frightening sight, but always keep this fact in mind: zombies are slow.  Maintain a safe distance and speed away in your car if zombies ever get too close.  Staying on the move will ensure that you never get cornered as you pick off zombies while they struggle to chase you.

Choose Your Tool of Destruction
Now that you know how to successfully evade a zombie attack, the next step is figuring out how you want to dispatch your undead pest problem.  There are three common methods to disposing of zombies: powerful attacks, quick attacks, or simply running over them!

Powerful attacks are perfect for taking out large groups of zombies or bigger undead foes since they do lots of damage and have a large blast radius.  Clear your way through mobs of zombies with this type of attack or easily dwindle down a big zombie’s health.  However, if this is your preferred weapon, make sure you’re accurate as they can have a long reload time and less ammo than other types.

Quick attacks employ rapid fire and are great for keeping zombies at bay.  While they do less damage, these types of weapons typically have more ammo, thus requiring less accuracy.  A word of caution: when using these types of weapons you need to be constantly moving as they don’t have the firepower to clear a large wave of zombies should you get stuck.

Finally, there’s nothing like simply cruising through zombies with your trusty vehicle.  Rev up your engine, build up speed, and smash through zombies with ease.  The zombies won’t know what hit them as you clear out one zombie after another and quickly speed away to safety after each run.  It may not be as efficient as using a weapon, but this method is arguably more fun.

0444a74e-eae1-4a50-b5f7-76f5f5dca90c_zps02660017Stock Up on Ammo
Prepare for success before and during zombie attacks by visiting the store to stock up on ammo or collecting ammo as it appears on the road.  Maintaining a large supply of ammo can be the difference between victory and being overwhelmed by the undead so keeping this tip in mind is crucial.

With Wrench’s help, you will be a zombie-annihilating machine in no time.  Remember these pointers, lock and load, and burn some rubber to show these zombies what you’re made of.  Before long, they’ll be thinking twice before trying to invade your territory again.

Happy Thanksgiving, Racers!

What are you and your fellow drivers most thankful for this time of year? Whether it’s a new ammo pack or a cool car customization, why don’t you and your pals celebrate this day with a few races around Eat My Dust?

Help us keep EMD safe, this Thanksgiving!

After you fill up on all of your turkey day eats, get ready to take to the combat zone or even one of our terrifying tracks. After all, those pesky zombies won’t be taking the day off, so while everyone else if off celebrating we might need some extra help keeping them on the other side of the gates. Simply login to the game and help us make sure everyone in Eat My Dust has a happy and safe holiday!

On a day like today you and your rival racers might even want to start a little tradition of your own by competing for top honors on our leaderboards. But before you begin that battle, don’t forget to let us know what you have to say about the game. Because, today, we’re most thankful for our fans and all of their feedback and support!