Pull into Your Garage!

When was the last time you took a break from speeding through our Racing Circuit? Whether you’re on team dragons or team scorpions, you might want to pull into your garage and get in some time to work on your car or relax with your racing buddies.

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Celebrate your wins on the tracks by purchasing a few awesome items from our store to start customizing your space. There are furniture pieces, wall hanging, and gadgets galore, so nothing should stop you from making a place in the game that is all your own! What styles do you go for when preparing your ultimate home away from home? Let us know!

Showcase your car and garage by  inviting your teammates and rival racers over for some friendly celebration. After all, there is no denying how hard you all work on the tracks and when dusting those zealous zombies!

It’s Time to Clean out Your Garage!

In Eat My Dust, your garage is your in-game home away from home. It is where you and your racing pals can sit back and relax without those pesky zombies making the rounds. So, with spring in full swing, why not get a little spring cleaning done and amp up your garage’s unique look.

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Show off your personal style by adding TVs, pool tables or other gear to your garage. Make it the talk of your team’s den or, better yet, make it the talk of the entire Combat Zone! To customize your garage to the fullest, you will need to purchase Turbo Bucks or continue earning coins on our most challenging tracks.

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Start your spring cleaning and let us know more about your garage’s awesome new look!

Amp Up Your Garage Today!

You push yourself to the limit while you’re burning rubber around the tracks at turbo speeds, so why shouldn’t you make sure your garage is always operating at full voltage?  When you go to your garage to juice up, you can customize your car with the latest and most powerful weapons, replace old parts so your car can compete at hyper speeds, and even decorate a space where you can refuel when you’re not fighting off zombies or flying around the track in your amped up hot rod. Visit “My Garage Shop” to get all the latest room decorations, furniture, gadgets, and wallpaper.

Your garage will stand out amongst all your friends’ garages if you can unlock the hottest items in Eat My Dust by moving up in the ranks.

Head over to EatMyDust now to update your garage!