Drivers Ready for Action!

A life of blowing up zombies and leaving rival racers in your dust never fails to be both exciting and satisfying. However, a little change can spice things up and in this case, provide a competitive edge as well. Drive over to the Mechanic Shop to try out different drivers for a cool, new look and boosts to your stats.

After selecting your new character, you can see how that driver looks while viewing any improvements it gives to your Speed, Acceleration, OffRoad, and Handling abilities.  Once you have found a new driver that bests fits your taste and playing style, purchase it to gain a great appearance in addition to crucial upgrades to your skills.

Hit the road with your intimidating avatar as you scorch drivers and zombies alike.  With your new look and upgrades you will dominate the roads, further separating yourself from the rest of the pack in the dog-eat-dog world of Eat My Dust.