ZOMBIE ATTACK: Head to the Gates!

Listen up drivers! Are you ready to play Zombie Attack? Help us curb the growing zombie population in Eat My Dust, by listening for the new alert system. Now, you’ll always be in the know when zombie hordes are approaching the Combat Zone!

Follow the yellow arrows to the closest arena gate!

At the sound of the alarm, head for the gates! This will be your chance to start racking up some zombie kills. The more kills you have under you belt, the more coins and Street Cred you’ll earn in the arena. Sounds simple… right?

Want to know more about Zombie Attack?

Dragons v. Scorpions: Which Side Are You On?

A long running rivalry has always lived between the Dragons and Scorpions, tearing Eat My Dust apart! Have you picked a side? Fighting for ultimate supremacy on the track and around the Combat Zone, these two teams have disagreed on almost everything except their hatred for those wretched Zombies!

Which side are you on?

Before you start your engine and hit the road, you’ll be asked to swear your allegiance to one of these two teams. Which crew do you want backing you in this game? There’s no turning your back, so be sure to choose wisely! You’ll be representing your faction as you rack up Zombie kills and top race times.

Explore your team's den!

Once you’ve picked sides, you’ll be sent over to check out your team’s very own den. While you’re there, start exploring! This place is full of dark corners and surprises, so be sure you’re prepared for anything. You can settle into your garage, get in some shooting practice, or make a quick turn into the Racing Circuit. It’s up to you, so choose your side and check it out!