Apply the break to your need for speed – Eat My Dust will be down for scheduled maintenance for at least 6-8 hours, this Sunday, August 24th, at 9PM PST (Pacific Standard Time)! Wrench and our team of top mechanics will be working to improve the performance of your game. Stay tuned for more updates before you race on over to our online world!

School of Dragons One Year Anniversary

As we take a break from fighting zombies we want to give a shoutout to our friends at School of Dragons! School of Dragons have taken Dragon Training to a whole other level! In this past year they have accomplished so much and we want to congratulate them!


Keep up the good work guys! If you are looking to join the high-flying adventures, head over to School of Dragons today!

Happy Fourth of July!

It’s that time of the year again – the Fourth of July! This is the day that we celebrate our nation’s founding, history, and liberty. Americans celebrate this day by devouring delicious dishes, playing exciting, action-packed holiday-themed games, and watching thrilling fireworks displays in the night sky. Celebrate the day with your family and friends, and remember to be proud of this country you call your home!

Happy Father’s Day 

Happy Father’s Day! Surprise dad this Father’s Day by celebrating with something he is sure to enjoy. Bring out his competitive side by challenging dad to a go kart race at your local track or seeing who can swing a bat at the batting cages.


Despite of what you do or where you go this Father’s Day, remember to have fun on this special day with dad and show him just how much he is appreciated.

Dragons and Scorpions Rivalry


A long time ago, before the zombies attacked and the Scorpion racers came together, lived many racing crews. These early days of racing were dominated by a few select crews- the Dragons, the Panthers, and the Tigers. The Tigers’ strength was in their ability to build extremely fast cars that could cut through the air at such a speed, they could barely be heard. While this speed was a great offensive strategy, they often lacked a critical defensive tactic, firepower. While the Panthers were just the opposite, creating the best firepower they could muster, with their elite scientists, yet lacking with their speed. The Dragons, however, prided themselves on their ability to both build fast cars and make strong weapons. Over time, this allowed the Dragons to become the strongest crew on the streets.

However, during their rise to the top, internal trouble arose. The Dragons were led by their fearless leader Torch. Under Torch, the Dragons strictly held to their most absolute law- no Dragon can celebrate after a win. This rule embodied the Dragon mindset; they believe that there was no need to celebrate each win because they had won many times before and only saw victory in their future. This firm belief was just one of the things that set the Dragons apart from other racing crews.


However, Sting, a young rising star within the Dragons, refused to hold to this standard. He believed that each win was a display of hard work and desire to win and that celebrating was a way of showing passion for the sport of racing. Torch believed that if Sting was allowed to remain a Dragon, he would corrupt the other members and cause the Dragons to lose respect in the eyes of other racing crews. After Torch confronted Sting and he refused to change his ways, Torch was forced to dismiss Sting from the Dragons.

As a result, Sting was compelled to rise up and bring a new power to the tracks. From here, the Scorpions were born. The Scorpions soon became a top-tiered racing force and were the rising competitors for the Dragons. Eventually, as Scorpions and Dragons dominated the raceway, the other teams had moved on and left this ancient rival to continue their feud in ‘The Circuit’. Each side is always looking for new recruits, to join the ranks, and to help win the ultimate battle.

Wrench’s Challenge!

Hi Racers! I hope you enjoyed watching this weekend’s Indy 500 as much as I did! The winner, Tony Kanaan, set a record for most consecutive top-five finishes (15) and won over 2 million dollars. In light of this record performance, I challenge you to beat these top times:

Big Chomper:
Amateur: 4:22.00
Rookie: 4:13.00
Pro: 4:01.00
Veteran: 3:45.00
Legend: 3:30.00

Octo Inclie:
Amateur: 4:03.00
Rookie: 3: 50.00
Pro: 3:38.00
Veteran: 3: 25.00
Legend: 3:17.00

Also, try one of the knock out races for an extra challenge. Let me know how you do!
– Wrench

Happy New Year

Say goodbye to 2012, and say hello to 2013! What did you do to celebrate the coming of the New Year? Did you have a party with friends and family, or did you get to watch any fireworks or participate in special events? Whatever you did for your New Year’s celebration this year, now is the time to make some New Year’s resolutions as you play Eat My Dust!


Let the New Year motivate you to get some new high scores to climb the leaderboards in Eat My Dust. With 2012 now in the past, don’t you think it’s time to get your game on and challenge any rival racers that cross your path? Make your high scores even better, and win coins to get the coolest gear out there. Let 2013 be a year of victory, not only for yourself, but also for your team!

Need Directions?

Occasionally even the savviest drivers will find themselves lost and in need of directions to get them back on the right path.  If players are finding themselves stuck in a rut and looking for assistance, the question mark in the top-left corner of the screen will help get their engines up and running again.

Clicking the question mark will cause a drop-down menu to appear with a variety of categories ranging from locating certain game features to describing the different racing modes.  Each of these topics address a number of questions players may have while playing.  The categories are divided clearly by issue to help racers locate their questions and answers quickly so they can get back to the action.

Clicking on a question will cause a helpful solution to appear at the bottom of the screen.  These answers will provide step-by-step instructions on how to solve various problems.  Do you find yourself stumped by something not listed in the drop-down menu?  If so, let us know what challenges you are facing and we will do our best to help you so you can get back to burning rubber.

Halloween is Finally Here!

Halloween has finally arrived with all of its frightening festivities!  With all the hype that has revved up around the holiday, there are so many ways to celebrate.  Don your cool costume and collect enough candy to last for weeks.  Get together with friends to play fun Halloween-themed games, carve pumpkins, or watch scary movies.  What are you dressing up as for Halloween?  Do your family and friends have any favorite traditions or activities for the holiday?  We want to know how you are celebrating tonight!  Let us know by leaving a comment about your Halloween fun.

Speeding into the Halloween Spirit

Halloween is racing around the corner so how are you planning on celebrating this spooky holiday?  Does your family have a favorite tradition that happens every year or does a fun activity with friends come to mind?  Here are some suggestions to make sure you are up-to-speed with the haunted festivities:

Terrifying Treats: Try your hand in the kitchen by concocting some gruesome eats.  Create foods that resemble brains, eyeballs, or creepy crawlers using tasty ingredients like cupcakes, pretzels, and candy.  Your culinary creations may look scary but everyone will be shocked by how delicious they are.

Ghastly Games: Invite your friends over for a night filled with fright and fun.  Halloween spinoffs of classic party games like “Pin the Nose on the Jack-O-Lantern” is fun for participants of all ages.  The adventurous types may enjoy scavenger hunts that send a group of friends on a mission to collect haunted items or solve a spooky mystery.

Creepy Classics: Like the saying goes, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”  Sometimes the most enjoyable activities are the ones people have done for years.  Take some of your favorite traditions like carving pumpkins or hosting a monster movie marathon and invite your friends and family!  While the activities may be the same, the experience will be unforgettable as you spend it with great company.

Whether you enjoy certain Halloween traditions every year or like to experiment with different activities, we want to hear how you will be celebrating the holiday this year!  Be creative, be safe, and have a blast with all the exciting options Halloween offers since it will be speeding away before you know it.