Pledge to a New Type of Challenge for the New Year!

We are well into the new year, but 2014 is just beginning! How are you starting off this exciting time of year? Many of us are well aware that the month of January marks the time when we start thinking about new goals to accomplish for the long year ahead. Simply trying something new that you have never done can be a great way to celebrate 2014. Here are some ways you can pledge to challenge yourself in new ways this year:

Photo by Ryan Fung

Photo by Ryan Fung

Get moving and learn a new sport – Do you want to put in the time to learn the basics of a sport you have never played? Or maybe you just want to improve on your swing, either way, make it a goal this year to run faster, hit harder, or throw further. You will realize that everything is possible with practice.

Help out more around the house – Before heading out to shoot hoops with your buddies, ask your parents if there is anything else you can help with around the house aside from your daily chores. Your parents will appreciate the offer and it will make you feel better that you are contributing to the team at home. What are some helpful ways that will bring a smile to your parents’ faces?

Photo by Au Kirk

Photo by Au Kirk

Laugh in the face of your fear – Maybe you can pledge to a buddy that the roller coaster you were too afraid to go on, during last year’s trip to the theme park, will be conquered by the end of this year. Whatever your fear may be, try your best to defeat it. What works best is to try overcoming what you are afraid of with confidence and knowing that things eventually come to an end, much like a roller coaster.

Make friends with the newbie – You might know of someone at school that just started this year who doesn’t know a lot of people. Or there may have been a time when you were the “new kid” in a similar situation. Take the chance in helping someone get more comfortable with their new surroundings. This new friend can very well turn out to be a best friend in the future.

Toughen up and try new food – Is sushi not a part of your ideal dinner menu? Or maybe those yucky looking stuffed mushrooms you are unsure of. You will never know unless you try them and who knows? Maybe you will end up liking it enough for it to become your favorite treat! What foods can you think of to try?

Enough with the planning already! Get out there and do it! Before you know it, 2014 will be almost over, so celebrate this year and start a pledge to try something new.

Are you excited about any of our ideas or maybe have a pledge that we didn’t mention? Tell us all about how you are starting off this new year!

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