Madagascar has Arrived at JumpStart!

Have you heard the big news from our friends over at JumpStart?  DreamWorks’ Madagascar has arrived with a new FunZone!  Alex, Marty, and friends are very excited to be there and have introduced some new features for JumpStart players to enjoy. 

Visit the cool FunZone spots where you can meet Madagascar characters and visit some of your favorite locations from the movie!  Hang out with Alex, Marty, Melman, and Gloria in the Central Park Zoo and learn some interesting facts about animals.  Sneak around in the Penguins’ Headquarters and use the Transmorpher to turn unsuspecting tourists into animals.  You can even take a trip to Venice, Italy where you can see famous Italian architecture and ride a gondola.

JumpStart also has brand new Madagascar-themed games for everyone to enjoy.  If you are in the mood for testing your detective skills, try finding Mort in a game of Hide n’ Seek or search for scattered pieces of Kowalski’s invention to set off fireworks.  For those in a mischievous mood, photo bomb unsuspecting tourists’ pictures to leave your mark in their memory books.

Head over to JumpStart to experience Madagascar for yourself!  Get to know your favorite characters and play alongside them as you experience wild adventures in the exciting world of JumpStart.

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