Test Your Skills With These Tough Tracks!

No matter what kind of weather the track is having, the brave drivers of Eat My Dust never take a break! Through the dark caves of the Dino Crystal Caves tracks, the wet and slippery Underwater speedways, the dry and deserted Egyptian ruins or the icy Snowy Peak raceways, they keep competing and so can you.

These underwater tracks take skill and determination to finish on top, have you mastered them yet?

Aquarium Chase

Avoid the electrical shocks and other hurdles as you race around this aquarium floor.

You’ll have to dodge 8 legged creatures, shocking obstacles and dark caves in this race across the aquarium floor. You’ll need more than just speed to win this rough race.

Octo Incline

Try not to get turned around in this tricky underwater track.

This dark tunnel’s ups and downs will send you spinning – can you keep control and first place?

Volcano Speedway

Make sure you stay above the lava and ahead of the competition when this race heats up.

Volcano Speedway is a filled ith underwater tunnels, risky loops and burning lava. It takes some skilled driving to avoid getting burned by the competition… can you take the heat?

That was just a preview of the twisting tracks that lie ahead, so you have what it takes to win them all?

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  1. […] the only things you’ve got to brag about in Eat My Dust. Speed past the finish line on one of our tracks and you might just make the cut for the score board displaying “Today’s Best […]

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