Wrench’s Facts: Base Battles

While a majority of the competition between the Dragons and Scorpions occurs on the racetrack, the battle continues beyond the Racing Circuit. As drivers from both groups encounter one another, engines roar and missiles fly as they seek to establish control of the Eat My Dust world. One key strategy to gaining the edge over your rivals is to know the Dragons’ and Scorpions’ bases inside and out.

The team bases are the perfect place for players to meet up with their pals and discuss strategy on how to stay on top. The only thing to fear in your team’s homebase are the handful of Zombies that always seem to find their way in. But any skilled racer like you should know how to handle those types of challenges. Your team’s home base also gives you access to your 1 safe haven around the game, your garage! Invite friends over, work on your custom racing machine, or simply style the space to your super cool standards. The choice is yours!

Not afraid of crossing enemy lines? Show your rival racers what you’re made of by paying them a visit next time you’re cruising the streets of Eat My Dust!

Wrench’s Facts: Zombie Dusting 101

With so much action surrounding the heated rivalry between the Dragons and Scorpions, it can be surprisingly easy to overlook the fact that the racetracks become littered with zombies every now and then.  For brave, skilled drivers, these zombies are nothing more than a nuisance.  But for novice racers, there are a few tricks that Wrench wants to share with you that are incredibly helpful should you ever find yourself facing off with a horde of zombies.

chrome2013-06-1811-35-50-43_zpsec272babPedal to the Metal
Seeing a horde of zombies approaching can be a frightening sight, but always keep this fact in mind: zombies are slow.  Maintain a safe distance and speed away in your car if zombies ever get too close.  Staying on the move will ensure that you never get cornered as you pick off zombies while they struggle to chase you.

Choose Your Tool of Destruction
Now that you know how to successfully evade a zombie attack, the next step is figuring out how you want to dispatch your undead pest problem.  There are three common methods to disposing of zombies: powerful attacks, quick attacks, or simply running over them!

Powerful attacks are perfect for taking out large groups of zombies or bigger undead foes since they do lots of damage and have a large blast radius.  Clear your way through mobs of zombies with this type of attack or easily dwindle down a big zombie’s health.  However, if this is your preferred weapon, make sure you’re accurate as they can have a long reload time and less ammo than other types.

Quick attacks employ rapid fire and are great for keeping zombies at bay.  While they do less damage, these types of weapons typically have more ammo, thus requiring less accuracy.  A word of caution: when using these types of weapons you need to be constantly moving as they don’t have the firepower to clear a large wave of zombies should you get stuck.

Finally, there’s nothing like simply cruising through zombies with your trusty vehicle.  Rev up your engine, build up speed, and smash through zombies with ease.  The zombies won’t know what hit them as you clear out one zombie after another and quickly speed away to safety after each run.  It may not be as efficient as using a weapon, but this method is arguably more fun.

0444a74e-eae1-4a50-b5f7-76f5f5dca90c_zps02660017Stock Up on Ammo
Prepare for success before and during zombie attacks by visiting the store to stock up on ammo or collecting ammo as it appears on the road.  Maintaining a large supply of ammo can be the difference between victory and being overwhelmed by the undead so keeping this tip in mind is crucial.

With Wrench’s help, you will be a zombie-annihilating machine in no time.  Remember these pointers, lock and load, and burn some rubber to show these zombies what you’re made of.  Before long, they’ll be thinking twice before trying to invade your territory again.

Wrench’s Facts- Perfecting the Turn

Do tracks with lots of curves and turns scare you? Do you often find yourself falling behind on those tight corners? Most racers don’t realize that making the perfect turn isn’t all about handling- in fact, all aspects of the car contribute to its ability to round a corner.

When approaching a corner, be sure to take an exterior approach. This means that if you are turning left, you should be on the far right side of the track. Taking an exterior approach will help to decrease the angle of the turn, allowing you to maintain a higher speed.


Surprisingly, when rounding a corner, you should apply your brakes as late as possible but before you actually start to turn. By driving straight and slowing down rapidly, your car will slow down faster. However be sure not to brake too much!

As you enter the curve, accelerate enough to maintain a constant speed throughout the turn. This is where your car’s suspension and handling will make an impact. A car’s handling directly impacts the speed at which it can make a turn. Similarly, a car’s suspension will help to keep all of the tires on the ground, although too much suspension can make it difficult to control. Once you are ready to start exiting the turn, be sure to progressively increase your acceleration while decreasing your turning.

In conclusion, just as mentioned before, it’s not only your cars handling but also its speed, acceleration, and off-road attributes that contribute to the perfect turn. Be sure to head over to the mechanics shop and use your new knowledge to tune your car for the next big race! -Wrench