Happy Valentine’s Day, Racers!

It’s finally that time of year when loved ones spend abundantly on chocolates and fancy dinners. However, not all Valentine’s Days have to be celebrated the same every year. Why not try something new? Spend time with the friends and family you love and cherish the most.


There are plenty of other activities that call for quality time. Go out and do something fun and physical. This will be a great way to make Valentine’s Day memorable and fit for everyone. If you’re taking a break from the Eat My Dust Tracks, today, here are some outdoor activities to help you activate your day.

  • Ice Skating: Skating is a great way to tone your legs and overall figure. This is a great activity to do with a group of friends. Go and enjoy some time skating around your local ice rink. You can also rally up a small game of ice hockey while you’re at it. Remember to pack those gloves and jackets to keep warm.
  • Skate Boarding: Skate boarding can be a great recreational activity you can partake in at any local skate park. If you’re skilled enough, go for a ride! Always remember to take your helmet and knee pads to prevent any sort of injury.
  • Surfing: If the weather permits go out to the beach and catch a wave. The number one thing to keep in mind is to put on sunscreen before going out. Make sure to watch out for those UV rays. If your other friends are not into surfing, then have them simply enjoy the view of the beach and sunbath.
  • Bicycling: Bicycling can be a great way to go around the neighborhood and a local beach. Why not take the time to exercise for fun and enjoy other peoples company. Bike around and stop by any local food store to keep energized while you’re at it.

These are just a few outdoor activities that you and your friends can enjoy. If you have not started planning anything special, then take note on some of these activities and share them with your friends and family. Let us know how you will be spending your Valentine’s Day today. If you have any other outdoor activities you want to share, leave us a comment! We would love to hear about what interests you when you’re not behind the wheel of one of our racing machines.

Zombie Outbreak: Are You Up For the Challenge?

Zombies are taking over and, in this case, your best defense is going to be a great offense. Next time you get alerted, head directly to the gates and don’t shy away from what might be coming your way. Grab some friends and go head to head with these crazy creatures to earn your driver a few extra coins and work your way to some much deserved Street Cred!

Aim your weapons and start shooting!

Aim your weapons and start shooting!

Once you make your way beyond the gates, you will find that the zombie problem is much more of in issue on the outskirts of Eat My Dust. Be prepared for the worst by customizing your car with a trip to the mechanic’s shop. After all, these zombies will be coming at you with all they’ve got. If you have what it takes to clear the field, you will definitely have something to brag about.

Earn coins for each successful shot.

Earn coins for each successful shot.

Start training with a few practice runs in the arena, and when you’re ready try and challenge a few of your EMD pals to see who can come back with the most zombie take downs by the time that the clock runs down. Think you have what it takes to get top honors? Log-in to Eat My Dust today!

Race your Way to the Top!

Think you have what it takes to be the ultimate Eat My Dust racer? Put the pedal to the metal and drive on over to your den to check the leaderboards for today’s best times. If you haven’t made the cut, challenge your friends in a few rounds on our tracks to start a race to the top spot. From the Aquarium Raceway to some of our more prehistoric tracks, the roads are open  for you to cruise into a first place finish!


After your next race, select to best times option to see where you fall in the overall standings. For each track, you’ll be able to view the all time-top raceway finishes. This means that to be the Ultimate Racer, you’ll need to hit the practice circuit and mechanic shop to get your custom car ready to take the lead.

Best times

Then, when your car is ready and you feel like you know the tracks well enough, step up and try our ultimate racer challenge. Take the top spot on some of our most unbelievable tracks, and none of your friends will be bale to question your skills behind the wheel. Ready? Set. Go!

Happy Thanksgiving, Racers!

What are you and your fellow drivers most thankful for this time of year? Whether it’s a new ammo pack or a cool car customization, why don’t you and your pals celebrate this day with a few races around Eat My Dust?

Help us keep EMD safe, this Thanksgiving!

After you fill up on all of your turkey day eats, get ready to take to the combat zone or even one of our terrifying tracks. After all, those pesky zombies won’t be taking the day off, so while everyone else if off celebrating we might need some extra help keeping them on the other side of the gates. Simply login to the game and help us make sure everyone in Eat My Dust has a happy and safe holiday!

On a day like today you and your rival racers might even want to start a little tradition of your own by competing for top honors on our leaderboards. But before you begin that battle, don’t forget to let us know what you have to say about the game. Because, today, we’re most thankful for our fans and all of their feedback and support!

Get Ready to Capture the Flag!

Your team will always have your back in Eat My Dust, but from time to time you’ll have to strike out on your own to climb up the ranks! And soon you’ll be able to see if you have what it takes to put aside your differences with those rival racers and play a round of Capture the Flag.

When the game arrives, you and your friends will be split up on two teams. To keep things interesting, these teams will be picked at random so dragons could end up working alongside scorpions and scorpions with dragons. Now, for some of you, the biggest challenge might just be getting along, but in this game you’ve got to be able to do anything to capture that flag!

When the wheels start rolling, each of the teams will have a home base where their flag is flown. And the end goal is simple, find the other team’s flag and return it to your base. You’ll even have a few opportunities to pick up some extra ammo as the battle rages on, so keep an eye out for some sweet pick ups!

Before all is said and done, you’ll need to fight against the odds to win top honors. After all, there’s always a chance for the flag to be stolen or dropped before you make back to your side of the arena. To end the game with a win, your team will need to keep procession for at least a minute! Think you’re up for the challenge? Then head over to Eat My Dust later this week to play Capture the Flag! In the end, you might have something to brag about.

Are You Up For A Challenge?

A little friendly competition between friends never hurt, right? Because we’ve just upped the ante in Eat My Dust by adding in a new challenge system! Now, you’ll be able to test the skills of your friends and roadside rivals by seeing if they have what it takes to best your top posted race times or number of Zombie kills.

When you’re ready to settle the score and prove that you’re a worthy opponent, all you need to do is start playing! After completing a round on the track or in the Zombie arena you’ll find the new “challenge” button on the following “Rewards” window. Think one of your buddies have what it takes to take on your score? Hit the button to pull up your full friends list and select their name!

If they’re daring enough to try and best your standing, they can accept your challenge on their “About Me” page. The “Challenge” window in the upper right had corner will let them know your score and how much time they’ve got left to beat it. To keep up your racing reputation, be sure to check this window regularly. Or if you’re ready, try out the new challenge system with your friends today and let us know if you have something to brag about!

Got Something to Brag About?

First place finishes are big, so don’t be shy. Share the news! Keep your buddies in the know when you’re off mastering the tracks by posting your best race times to your Facebook page. After all, surviving an Eat My Dust raceway will definitely earn you a few bragging rights.

Head over to the Racing Circuit today and see what times you’re able to post. Then share your top speeds by simply selecting the new Facebook share button on the Race Rewards window after each of your sessions on the track.

But if zombie kills are more your thing, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered! Survive a round in the Arena with a game of Zombie Attack and you’ll be able to share your top records too.

Think you’ve got a top time to brag about? Or maybe you’ve topped your buddies in zombie kills? We want to hear about it! Stop by www.Facebook.com/EatMyDustOnline to “Like” our fan page and join your fellow EMD racers for all our latest game news and announcements.