We Want Your Feedback!

At  Eat My Dust, we value creative expression when working to fill  our online world with the most exciting and interactive games. In that tradition, players are encouraged through regular play to create and customize their cars and various game areas as exciting extensions of themselves and their interests.


From hip hairstyles and fun facial features to clothing and other awesome accessories, how would you want to be able to customize your look,  if you had an avatar of our own to create? Get your voice heard in our game design process by submitting your answers to this latest poll question!

If given the chance to customize specific areas of your avatar’s body with custom cool parts or helpful extensions (i.e. tools, accessories, etc), which would interest you most? Explain your choice in the comments below.

a. Face (different shapes or themes)
b. Hair (from different colors and styles to more accessories)
c. Arms (tools, hooks, hammers, and more, for a hand)
d. Legs (different lengths, or sizing)
e. Do you have other cool customization ideas?

Do you have any ideas for how you would like to share? Maybe you’ve always wanted a hammer as a hand to showcase your avatars strength or dreamed of having other cool gadgets to express yourself. Think big and let us know what you have in mind. Your insight and feedback is what makes things happen in Eat My Dust!