Need Directions?

Occasionally even the savviest drivers will find themselves lost and in need of directions to get them back on the right path.  If players are finding themselves stuck in a rut and looking for assistance, the question mark in the top-left corner of the screen will help get their engines up and running again.

Clicking the question mark will cause a drop-down menu to appear with a variety of categories ranging from locating certain game features to describing the different racing modes.  Each of these topics address a number of questions players may have while playing.  The categories are divided clearly by issue to help racers locate their questions and answers quickly so they can get back to the action.

Clicking on a question will cause a helpful solution to appear at the bottom of the screen.  These answers will provide step-by-step instructions on how to solve various problems.  Do you find yourself stumped by something not listed in the drop-down menu?  If so, let us know what challenges you are facing and we will do our best to help you so you can get back to burning rubber.