Race into the End of Summer

We’re racing to the end of the season! What adventures do you have planned for the upcoming Labor Day weekend? It is pretty common to gather with friends and family to mark the end of summer with an adventure packed day of fun and sometimes even a little bit of competition.

eatmydust-blog21.jpgBefore you head into Eat My Dust to continue mastering the tracks or competing with your online buddies, you and your family might want to check out some of our favorite Labor Day activities.

– Neighborhood Block Party: Gather everyone for some good food and fun activities. Consider planning for small activities throughout the day to get everyone in the spirit of things like scavenger huts, trivia, etc. You might even make it a potluck in order to get each family on your block involved in providing some of the food.

– Family Sports Day: Mark the end of summer by enjoying a fun in the sun day of competition. Consider planning for unique races like a potato sack race or even an obstacle course to amp up the excitement of each participating family member. There’s no better way to show everyone that you’re on top of your game than by coming out in the top spot in these cool challenges.

– Community Events: Depending on where you live, some areas often hope street festivals or outdoor events to mark the Labor Day holiday. Do a little research into what is going on in your area to start connecting with your local community and neighborhood friends.

How will you be celebrating this day away from the tracks?