Home-Field Advantage

It never hurts to have the upper hand in a tense race with skilled drivers.  Give yourself an edge over the competition by creating your own track.  Doing so will allow you to challenge other players in competitions set to your own specifications, which are most likely to your advantage.  Begin your planning by heading over to the Racing Circuit and selecting “Create a Race” in the menu.

You will be able to choose the specific details of your race ranging from which track to the number of players you wish to compete against.  Perhaps you are a master of the sandy Egyptian roads or skilled in clinging to the slick paths of the snowy mountaintops.  Dictate your opponents’ style of racing by setting the game as either a Single Race or Knockout.  Open up your race to all Eat My Dust players or limit it to your friends by making it public or private.  Finally, determine how many racers will participate in your competition.  Do you wish to wreak havoc with a horde of drivers or challenge a bitter rival head-to-head?

Once you have created your race launch your race’s lobby to eagerly await brave challengers.  You will be able to scout out your opponents and even send them intimidating messages.  However, as the creator of your raceway your driving will ultimately do the talking.  Create your own races to combine a variety of tracks, race styles, and number of participants for unique and thrilling experiences.  Even as the maker of your own races, the huge number of racing possibilities may keep you on your toes!