Race Over to JumpStart, Today!

DreamWorks’ Madagascar has caused an uproar at JumpStart with its grand arrival on Thursday.  The sights and sounds of excitement filled the world of JumpStart as Jumpeez have been playing nonstop with their favorite Madagascar characters.  For anyone that has not yet experienced the fun, do not panic because Madagascar is here to stay!

 Whether you already explored every inch of the Madagascar FunZone or have yet to set foot inside Central Park Zoo, there are surprises and engaging activities available for everyone.  Talk to different zoo animals and learn interesting facts about your new friends.  You may be surprised by some of your findings!  Team up with the Penguins and create mischief by completing covert missions and utilizing the Transmorpher to turn unsuspecting tourists into zoo animals.  If you are in the mood for a scenic experience, travel to Venice and take in the beautiful sights of this famous city while you learn about Italian culture and history.

Head over to JumpStart and explore a world teeming with adventure.  Once you get a chance to hang out with new friends like Alex or the Penguins, see the beautiful sights, and play some  entertaining games, you will understand what the commotion is all about!

Madagascar has Arrived at JumpStart!

Have you heard the big news from our friends over at JumpStart?  DreamWorks’ Madagascar has arrived with a new FunZone!  Alex, Marty, and friends are very excited to be there and have introduced some new features for JumpStart players to enjoy. 

Visit the cool FunZone spots where you can meet Madagascar characters and visit some of your favorite locations from the movie!  Hang out with Alex, Marty, Melman, and Gloria in the Central Park Zoo and learn some interesting facts about animals.  Sneak around in the Penguins’ Headquarters and use the Transmorpher to turn unsuspecting tourists into animals.  You can even take a trip to Venice, Italy where you can see famous Italian architecture and ride a gondola.

JumpStart also has brand new Madagascar-themed games for everyone to enjoy.  If you are in the mood for testing your detective skills, try finding Mort in a game of Hide n’ Seek or search for scattered pieces of Kowalski’s invention to set off fireworks.  For those in a mischievous mood, photo bomb unsuspecting tourists’ pictures to leave your mark in their memory books.

Head over to JumpStart to experience Madagascar for yourself!  Get to know your favorite characters and play alongside them as you experience wild adventures in the exciting world of JumpStart.

Grab Your Daily Bonus

Gaining the upper hand against enemy Dragons or Scorpions while fending off hordes of zombies is no small task.  Even the most skilled driver must possess instinct, cunning, and dedication to maintain a sizable lead over any competition that seeks to overthrow him or her as the undisputed ruler of the road.  Luckily, Eat My Dust® is here to help you continue your reign of domination by awarding you with daily bonuses every day that you play.

Each successive day that you log in will bring in a better reward, and once you reach five days in a row, you will be able to claim new parts for your car!  Collect these bonus parts to beef up your ride into a rival-burning, zombie-destroying machine.  The world of Eat My Dust® is a chaotic, heated battleground so take advantage of every opportunity to gain the edge over your opponents.

Tips & Tricks: Get Out of the Car!

In order to keep your driver in tip top shape, you’ve got to be quick on your feet! And sometimes, that means getting in and out of your car without hesitation. Whether you’re facing a horde of zombies or a gang of rowdy racers, do you know what you need to know to rule the roads in Eat My Dust? Remember this quick tip and it just might save your tail around the Combat Zone!

When your driver’s ready to take to the street, you’ve got two easy options. Hit the “E” button on your keyboard to eject yourself from your racing machine or use the mouse to select the eject button on the upper right hand corner of your gaming screen. Shifting into this gear will allow you to move at a different pace and use your car as a shield or obstacle, guarding you from your enemy attackers.

And don’t worry… we wouldn’t leave you empty handed in your time of need! Once you make the switch, you’ll be equipped with one of you car’s fierce firearms. So give it a go and get out of the car. Stretch your legs and let us know what kind of damage you’ve caused in taking to the street!


Find yourself short on ammo lately? With danger lurking behind every corner, there are many reasons to keep your car prepared for the worst. From zombie attacks to battles for the hill, and a few relentless  rival racers, there never seems to be a dull moment while cruising around Eat My Dust!

What good is a weapon without any ammo, right?

That’s why we’ve made it even easier to stay locked and loaded at all times. Take a visit to the Mechanic’s shop or Armory to check it out. Ammo is now being sold in packs of 10, 20 and 50! But, if those numbers don’t quite fit your trigger happy shooting style, you’ll still be able to buy them in other multiples by increasing or decreasing the number of packs you’ll be purchasing before hitting the road.

If you’re short on time and ready to jump in on the action, then forget the coins and grab a few turbo bucks to start outfitting your racing machine today!