Go Big or Go Home!

Super Bowl Sunday is almost here! How are you going to celebrate all the excitement that happens with game day? Whoever it is that you are rooting for, chances are that you will be spending the day in front of the TV screen, so why not mix things up this year to help you and your friends get even more amped for the big game? Here are some gridiron extras for you and your buddies to enjoy for Super Bowl Sunday!

Photo by Daniel X. O'Neil

Photo by Daniel X. O’Neil

Fun ways to eat up those Super Bowl snacks – Food is one of those favorite past times of Super Bowl Sunday gatherings. You can make your own football shaped pizzas with your friends, create Super Bowl sundaes, or even layout a nacho, popcorn, or soda bar for your best pals to enjoy!

Challenge the buddies to a stirring game of Play Predictor – The objective of this game is to predict what the next play will be. Whether it will be a run play up the middle or a pass play to 81, the correct guesser will earn an assigned prize!

Make commercial breaks an event to look forward to! – Strike up a heated game of Commercial Bingo or play a football trivia game! For Commercial Bingo, make the cards before hand using images that represent regular commercial topics, like cars, pizza, drinks, movie trailers etc., instead of numbers. For football trivia, use general questions that are easy to figure out while watching the game, like “naming the quarterbacks.”

Host a half-time tournament! – Not interested in the half-time show? Bust out the old-pig skin for a game of punt, pass, and kick. See who can kick and throw the farthest by setting up markers in the yard! You can also prepare some prizes to encourage the competition.

There will never be a dull moment this Super Bowl Sunday with all the possible activities that can surround the big game!

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