Wrench’s Facts: Exterior Components

Have you ever wondered what the exterior components available in the mechanic shop actually are or what it is tat they do for your car? This week, Wrench’s facts give racers like you some insight about how these components can increase your chances to be the first across the finish line!

Exterior Components

This refers to the internal frameworks, which is often referred to as the “skeleton” of the vehicle. The other components, including the engine, transmission, suspension, and the body of the car are attached to this framework. It is a foundational structure that is essential to a vehicle.

Skins/Paint Job
This feature is more about the style and physical aesthetic appeal of the car, rather than improving its functionality. A paint job allows the driver to customize their style, making it unique.

It is a device that enables the swift movement of the entire vehicle. If you read the post about Off-Road tires from last week, you will understand why different wheels can help tame difficult situations you will face in the game. It directly affects the traction your car has with the ground surface, which ultimately changes how you handle your car.

This consists of both the back end and front end parts you see in the mechanic shop. The back end includes a bumper and fenders for rear end support, and the front end includes the hood, where the engine is stored.

This is a device that controls the aerodynamics of the vehicle. It controls the movement of air in the vehicle. By adjusting and fine-tuning this component, you can limit the amount of turbulence or drag that aims to slow your car down.

Side Skirt
The primary purpose of this component is to provide additional protection against weapons or other vehicles. It can also have an ornamental purpose, acting as a decoration or style-enhancer for drivers.

Head over to the mechanic shop in Eat My Dust now and start equipping your machine for the best performance in-game!

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