Racing Styles: NASCAR v. Formula One

Around Eat My Dust, it is pretty difficult to deny that insider info on car parts from the Mech Shop and the Racing Circuit tracks can position you at the front of the pack. On your next break from ruling the roads in Eat My Dust, consider learning about some real world racing by checking out some of the most dominate racing styles in the sport of automobile racing!


Photo By: The US Army

In the United States, NASCAR (National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing) is the major force in the sport of automobile racing. However, around the globe, Formula One sets the standard on the tracks. How much do you really know about these two major racing styles? Here are a few fun facts to help introduce you to the basics of these real world races!

Car Weight
Formula One: 1300LBS

Lateral G Force
Formula One: 5G

Top Speeds
Formula One: 205

Pit Stop (Times)
NASCAR: 11 seconds
Formula One: 3 seconds

Track Layout
NASCAR: Mostly oval
Formula One: Tracks include left and right turning

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