Wrench’s Facts: The Power of Nitrous

Leaving opponents in the dust and crossing the finish line first gives every racer a great feeling of accomplishment. After a few fast laps of taking on opponents’ fire and screeching around numerous turns, it is always a wonderful feeling when you come out on top. One of the keys to success in any race is the strategic use of nitrous. Using your nitro at just the right moment can mean the difference between a first place finish and a second place loss.


It is important not to use nitrous during a turn because this can be detrimental to your racer and can cause you to crash into walls or lose control of your car. Instead, use the nitro when you are exiting a turn and during long straightaways. These quick bursts of speed can help you catch up to and pass unsuspecting opponents on your way to a first place victory. Be sure to collect these nitrous boosts throughout the race and use them any chance you get yourself ahead of the competition. Practice using nitrous in the Time Attack mode to perfect your skill before showing off to your opponents!

2 Responses

  1. Thanks for these tips, sometimes just one or to tips can change the whole gaming experience.

    • Hi jackmical, thanks for playing Eat My Dust! We’re glad to hear these tips are helping you succeed in the game. Let us know if there are any other tips we can give you to help you defeat the competition and thanks for choosing Eat My Dust!

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