The History of Snowy Cliffs

The mystical Snowy Cliffs were always thought to be uninhabitable and dangerous, no place for someone to race. But when a few brave explorers finally climbed to the top, they discovered that they were wrong. On the three peaks of the Snowy Cliffs were three raceways left by an ancient culture, perfectly preserved in pristine condition.

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Further exploration of the Snowy Cliffs has revealed an ancient tribal village, abandoned without any trace of the people that once lived there or why they might have left so suddenly. The village was centered around hot springs, the bursts of hot steam providing much-needed warmth to the chill that envelopes the Snowy Cliffs. Perhaps there was some sort of volcanic activity that had scared the villagers off, activity that ultimately did not result in anything.

Another one of the Cliffs held a perilous track, winding over a narrow bridge and through dark and twisting caverns. The pathways were surrounded by pools and rivers of molten lava, serving as a wordless warning to all comers to be careful, lest they fall into the dangerous pools.

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Exploration of the caves revealed something else about this mysterious tribe. Like other legendary tribes before them, they had booby-trapped the caves with moving pylons and boxes meant to dissuade any who attempt to explore the caves. Were the tribesmen warning off anyone who dares to explore the Snowy Cliffs? Or, perhaps, were they guarding some sort of ancient treasure from the outside world.

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This formerly-abandoned area has now become one of the most popular raceways, partly because of the mystique and mystery that surrounds the Snowy Cliffs. There are winding bridges, sharp turns, and booby traps everywhere that attract only the bravest racers. Can you explore the Snow Cliffs and come out unscathed?

2 Responses

  1. I Wish their was a race for all cars a grand race, and who ever wins get a gold trophy, and 3rd bronze and 2nd silver like CARS 2 In the race.

    • Hi vicmo! You have made a great suggestion for our game! Thank you for your feedback and I will relay your idea to our production team for consideration.

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