EMD Challenge: Guess the Picture Day 3

Hey Racers! Today is the third day of the Guess the Picture challenge. Wrench had been sending over clues to us, trying to make things easier, but we still have no idea what this picture is of! Have you been able to piece together any of the clues?


This is your last chance to help us figure out the image, so do not delay and submit your answer in the comments today!

Just a reminder, the first five correct answers will win a prize of 200 coins. Just imagine the car customizations that you could buy with that kind of prize money!

Good luck, Racers!



7 Responses

  1. Sorry if I’m late, but that is the gas pump at the Mechanic Shop in the combat zone!

    • Hello Racer! Congratulations, you got the correct answer! Please comment back on this post with your log-in email address and your username, and we will give you your prize of 200 coins. Again, congratulations, and stay tuned for more!

  2. That is the gas pump at the Mechanic Shop in the combat zone.

  3. I’m late, too. But I want to answer: it’s the gas pump. Right?

  4. I said the first 5 correct answers.

  5. It is the gas station on the Mechanics Shop.

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