Race your Way to the Top!

Think you have what it takes to be the ultimate Eat My Dust racer? Put the pedal to the metal and drive on over to your den to check the leaderboards for today’s best times. If you haven’t made the cut, challenge your friends in a few rounds on our tracks to start a race to the top spot. From the Aquarium Raceway to some of our more prehistoric tracks, the roads are open  for you to cruise into a first place finish!


After your next race, select to best times option to see where you fall in the overall standings. For each track, you’ll be able to view the all time-top raceway finishes. This means that to be the Ultimate Racer, you’ll need to hit the practice circuit and mechanic shop to get your custom car ready to take the lead.

Best times

Then, when your car is ready and you feel like you know the tracks well enough, step up and try our ultimate racer challenge. Take the top spot on some of our most unbelievable tracks, and none of your friends will be bale to question your skills behind the wheel. Ready? Set. Go!

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  1. best game i’ve ever played

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