Capture the Flag… and the Glory!

Leaving rival drivers in your dust race after race can grow tiresome and may have you hungering for a different type of thrill.  Take a break from the speedway, assemble a team of the most rugged drivers around, and head over to the Badlands for some classic Capture the Flag action with an Eat My Dust twist.

ctf 1


Two teams, the white team and the blue team, have their own respective bases on opposite sides of the map, ready to face off.  Each base houses a flag that must be protected from opponents trying to take it to their own base.  Players have five minutes to protect their team’s flag and steal the opposing team’s flag as many times as possible.  Whichever team scores the most points once the clock reaches zero wins.

ctf 2


However, this would not be an Eat My Dust-caliber game if some chaos were not thrown into the mix.  Just as drivers can fire weapons during races, the same holds true for Capture the Flag as drivers can shoot others to prevent them from returning a flag to base.  Knock your enemies senseless as they attempt to return your team’s flag to their base but watch your own back since they will be returning the favor if you try to take off with theirs.

ctf 3


Prove to your fellow drivers that you are not solely an individual force to be reckoned with but you can rally a dominating team as well.  There is no better time than this upcoming Friday to showcase your skills as it is Capture the Flag Day in Eat My Dust.  Assemble your team and prepare to face off against some of the nastiest opponents you will ever face.  With a team backing you, the stakes are much higher than any race you will finish as the difference between victory and defeat relies upon your team’s ability to work together to overthrow your opponents.  The competition is ready to slug it out, are you?

4 Responses

  1. I’m very good at Capture the flag, and I’ve won a lot of matches…but how can I play Capture the flag??

    • To play Capture the Flag, head over the the Capture the Flag zone or you can use the Quick Launch to instantly jump into a game. You will be transported to the arena where a game will begin once other players have arrived. Simply wait for others to join your game or invite your friends to play!

  2. I’ve heard that before.

  3. other players can win too

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