Check into Your Car’s Computer

Taking down zombies and burning up the race tracks are achievements to be proud of—keep track of your speeding successes with the car computer located on the right side of your driver’s toolbar. There, you can click on the car icon to view your car stats and recent race results.

Every time you finish in that first place spot, your achievements will appear under Race Placements. Don’t forget the more you play, the more Street Cred you’ll earn to rise through our ranks. You can also check to see how many EMD coins and Turbo Bucks you have to spend!

How many trophies have you unlocked? Click the trophy icon in your car computer to see. Not only will you see the awesome trophies you have unlocked, but you will also be able to track the achievements you have already earned. So go for the gold and try and unlock them all! 

Burning up and dominating those racetracks can be even more exciting if you go to Settings (the Gear Icon) in your car computer and hit “Full Screen.” Fill your whole screen with high speed racing, missile firing, and zombies.

Your car’s computer is the go-to-tool for everything you might need to take over the race tracks and stay on top of our leader boards – so get in your car and activate it now.

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