Race Over to JumpStart, Today!

DreamWorks’ Madagascar has caused an uproar at JumpStart with its grand arrival on Thursday.  The sights and sounds of excitement filled the world of JumpStart as Jumpeez have been playing nonstop with their favorite Madagascar characters.  For anyone that has not yet experienced the fun, do not panic because Madagascar is here to stay!

 Whether you already explored every inch of the Madagascar FunZone or have yet to set foot inside Central Park Zoo, there are surprises and engaging activities available for everyone.  Talk to different zoo animals and learn interesting facts about your new friends.  You may be surprised by some of your findings!  Team up with the Penguins and create mischief by completing covert missions and utilizing the Transmorpher to turn unsuspecting tourists into zoo animals.  If you are in the mood for a scenic experience, travel to Venice and take in the beautiful sights of this famous city while you learn about Italian culture and history.

Head over to JumpStart and explore a world teeming with adventure.  Once you get a chance to hang out with new friends like Alex or the Penguins, see the beautiful sights, and play some  entertaining games, you will understand what the commotion is all about!

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