Grab Your Daily Bonus

Gaining the upper hand against enemy Dragons or Scorpions while fending off hordes of zombies is no small task.  Even the most skilled driver must possess instinct, cunning, and dedication to maintain a sizable lead over any competition that seeks to overthrow him or her as the undisputed ruler of the road.  Luckily, Eat My Dust® is here to help you continue your reign of domination by awarding you with daily bonuses every day that you play.

Each successive day that you log in will bring in a better reward, and once you reach five days in a row, you will be able to claim new parts for your car!  Collect these bonus parts to beef up your ride into a rival-burning, zombie-destroying machine.  The world of Eat My Dust® is a chaotic, heated battleground so take advantage of every opportunity to gain the edge over your opponents.

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