Inuit Raceway

Top racers know how to keep to the front of the pack, no matter the road conditions. And on the Inuit Raceway, you’ll need to keep your speed up while racing on ice covered roads! Do you have the skills or horsepower needed for a first place finish? Stop by Eat My Dust with your friends to check it out!

As it is, speed and ice can be a pretty dangerous combination. But if you’re ready for more of a challenge, you can always up the ante with a “Knock Out” style race. Either way, the slippery slopes won’t be your only obstacle when tackling the track. Behind every corner of this arctic arena, there lays a few race ruining roadblocks, so watch out!

Whether it’s a quick split in the road or one of those terrifying totem poles, it only takes one misstep to send you spinning out of control. After all, the Inuit tribe that inhabits these parts would do anything to slow down our EMD racers. So to keep the peace, try to avoid hitting their teepees and other tribal treasures!

Are you up for the challenge? Get “Inuit” to win it and test your skill on this troubling track! It’ll definitely give you something to brag about.

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