Aquarium Chase Raceway

There are a number of tracks to master, while rising through the ranks of Eat My Dust. Have you been brave enough to take on a practice run at the Aquarium Chase raceway? This underwater adventure will have you speeding through twisting tunnels as you escape the grips of the aquarium’s resident octopus!

Make a splash in the new underwater track!

Utilizing the latest features in underwater technology, this track is known throughout the Racing Circuit for its futuristic design and tubular turns. So as you and your driver embark on an unimaginable pursuit to the finish line, you won’t have to worry about the harsh conditions of the sub-aquatic floor!

Race past obstacles for a first place finish!

In these deep dark caverns all you’ll need to do is follow the glow to know where to go! Speed past the electrifying obstacles that’ll send your car spinning out of control. You can even drive up the walls to race past competitors and get yourself to the front of the pack. And last, but certainly not least, be ready to jump past the terrifying tentacles found reaching over parts of the roadway!

Steer clear of the traffic jamming tentacles!

Sound like a challenge you’re willing to take on? Then log into and see if you or any of your pals can mange a first place finish! Ready? Set. Go!

One Response

  1. For some racers, they were really tricky to master.

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