Dragons v. Scorpions: Which Side Are You On?

A long running rivalry has always lived between the Dragons and Scorpions, tearing Eat My Dust apart! Have you picked a side? Fighting for ultimate supremacy on the track and around the Combat Zone, these two teams have disagreed on almost everything except their hatred for those wretched Zombies!

Which side are you on?

Before you start your engine and hit the road, you’ll be asked to swear your allegiance to one of these two teams. Which crew do you want backing you in this game? There’s no turning your back, so be sure to choose wisely! You’ll be representing your faction as you rack up Zombie kills and top race times.

Explore your team's den!

Once you’ve picked sides, you’ll be sent over to check out your team’s very own den. While you’re there, start exploring! This place is full of dark corners and surprises, so be sure you’re prepared for anything. You can settle into your garage, get in some shooting practice, or make a quick turn into the Racing Circuit. It’s up to you, so choose your side and check it out!

10 Responses

  1. i joined the scorpion team!

  2. […] And soon you’ll be able to see if you have what it takes to put aside your differences with those rival racers and play a round of Capture the […]

  3. Im a Dragon though.That Scorpion guy sounds evil.Im going to try to make a test account and see what the Dragon guy says.

    • By the way, see that flag that’s red with a Dragon on it behind that Dragon guy?Now look close in the picture of a lava place and you will see that same flag.Yes.You solved the mystery!YAY!Ahem.Anyways, yes thats the Dragons den.(To get there and you have never found out, go to the Combat Zone, watch out for zombies!The go around, if you have not already, go AROUND the stadium with the flags on it, and then you will see a red area with a Dragon on some rocks.Go across the metal track and go in the little tunnel and…There you go!)

  4. […] the game.  To find the EMD scoreboards, all you’ll need to do is cruise on over to your team den or drive past the entrance to the racing […]

  5. […] their car the most dangerous and powerful car in all of Eat My Dust, a car that would help either the Dragons or the Scorpions win once and for all. There is a debate between the power of the weapon versus the speed the weapon […]

  6. I joined the Scorpion team, too. Because of their cunning skills

  7. […] a majority of the competition between the Dragons and Scorpions occurs on the racetrack, the battle continues beyond the Racing […]

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