BREAKING NEWS: Zombies Are On The Loose!

Drivers beware; zombies have been spotted around Eat My Dust! Start loading up on weapons and ammo before you experience a run in with these little monsters. They’ll do all they can to knock you off the road!

Drivers have been spotting zombies all over Eat my Dust!

If there is anything that Scorpions and Dragons can agree on, it’s to shoot these zombies on sight! Can you help us control the infestation? Using the ammo, available in the Armory, you’ll be able to earn extra coins with each successful shot. That way, the more Zombies you eliminate the more coins you’ll have to outfit your car!

At this point, there’s not much that we know about these mischievous monsters, but one thing’s for sure: they’re not here to make friends. We advise that you get them before they get you!

See a Zombie? Aim your weapons and start shooting!

Collect coins for your driver with each successful shot!

Have you encountered any zombies, yet? Share your tips with us and your fellow Eat My Dust racers!

5 Responses

  1. Killing the most Zombies around Eat My Dust was hard!!! (but I can handle this)

    • We are glad that you are up for the challenge. Those zombies need to be kept at bay and we are lucky to have your help. Thanks for playing Eat My Dust!

  2. Punk-punks at YOUR world were the same.

  3. Once there were the same zombies I saw in EMD, now they escaped into our partner game, Supersecret. Players from Eat My Dust will be teleported into a portal at the Combat Zone into the Plaza. This is my suggestion, players from EMD must kill the zombies that escaped into Supersecret.

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