To Boost or Not To Boost…Is That Even a Question?

Do you keep finishing last in all your races? Sounds like you need a better set of wheels! Visit the Mechanic’s Shop, where you can buy special items that will give your car the lift it needs to win!

The bars at the top of the screen will change to show how each part will affect your car. When the bar turns green that means the part will amp up your car, but when it turns red the part will lower your car’s stats.

You’ll need coins and rank to buy these items, though! Get started by joining races. The higher you place, the greater your prize will be. So, you’re going to want to continue to buy items to make you a bigger, better, and faster racer.

Don’t want to wait to earn coins? Just purchase Turbo Bucks! They can be bought through the game and work similar to coins. With Turbo Bucks, you can buy any item for your car, no matter what rank you are.

So, what are you waiting for? Get a head start on building your car today!

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  1. […] Now, you can even use your custom cool car to run them down! So hold back on your shot and hit the gas pedal because with each hit you’ll have the opportunity to cruise your way into some awesome ammo […]

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