Ladies and Gentlemen, Start your Engines!

Eat My Dust is a 3D virtual world for adrenaline junkies with a love for healthy competition. In the world of Eat My Dust, you build your very own high-speed racing machine—weapons included. Custom parts range anywhere from massive swamp tires to supped up jet engines or even deadly dragon wings.

Once in your car, you race against other online players by maneuvering your way through unique racing worlds and strategically using offensive and defensive power ups. By combining these two, EMD provides a diverse and action-packed racing experience that’s unmatched by any other racing world. Those with the skills to finish first get the top rewards and earn Coins and Street Cred. You can use Coins to buy gear that increases your car’s performance and appearance. You can also acquire these upgrades with Turbo Bucks. Turbo Bucks can be purchased on the website or earned in game over time.

Above all else, Eat My Dust is a racing game jam packed full of fun competition where you can challenge friends and play in an exciting yet safe community full of people who love racing as much as we do.

Be sure to check back regularly for exclusive sneak peeks, the latest news, and behind-the-scenes previews of Eat My Dust’s coolest features!

Get your racing helmets ready, Eat My Dust will be launching soon!

22 Responses

  1. Hi, I attempted to contact you at but your mail server does not appear to be responding. I have a business related question. Please let me know how I may contact you. Thank you.


  3. How many people play this per day and how many will you see?

    • Hi, Bob! Thanks for stopping by our official blog. The number of players in the game at one time is determined by a number of factors that change day to day. The players you see while driving around are actual people like you. We appreciate your interest in Eat My Dust. If you ever have any questions about the game, just let us know!

  4. can you guys tell me how to get type chat please i wish i can speak with the others we cant even use chat 😦 please guys tell me ;'(

    • Hello! If you look at your control panel, you will see a bubble with 3 dots in it, on the left-hand side. Click on this, and you will be able to use typechat! However, your parents may have restricted your access to typechat, so make sure to check on that. Please let us know if you have any further questions, comments or concerns! We would be more than happy to help. In the meantime, we hope you keep on having some racing fun while playing Eat My Dust!

  5. blooooooooooooooggory oh yea keepppppppppppp commmmmmmmmmmmmmmin

  6. yo i love Eat My Dust

  7. im glad you guys made this

  8. or someone did

  9. I couldn’t use Type Chat and I want to use it. How can I do it?

    • The Chat Log should appear in the lower left corner of the screen when you first log in to the game. However, if you accidentally close the chat box you can reopen it by clicking on the Chat Log button on the left side of your toolbar. If you are experiencing other issues please let us know and we will do our best to help. Thanks for playing Eat My Dust!

  10. Anyway it’s gonna be the best game in Knowledge Adventure!

  11. Will we have weapons?

  12. There will be race tracks, and Zombies, though.

  13. I like killing zombies.


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